How to choose LED light to efficiently save time and effort

At the beginning of this year, I was looking for good lighting products to light up in my renovated courtyard , because my garden is relatively large, I need wide range of lighting and bright lights, I have used fluorescent lights before,but over ten fluorescent lamps can barely lit courtyard in less than 100 square meters of courtyard, I cost  two or three hundred monthly electricity bill, and several fluorescent lamps were out of work,it made me very upset. That time I just renovated courtyard again, I decided to replace all fluorescent lamps with more energy saving lamps, and I talked with my friend John, he strongly suggested me use LED floodlight instead of others. John is primarily responsible for the planning of public facilities in their city, their city was carried out reconstruction project just last year, a large number of street lights and landscape lights has replaced with LED lights last year, they saved more than three million U.S. dollars in lighting investment over the first half, used in stadiums, squares and architectural lighting, landscape lights and used in railway, highway tunnel lights must light for a long time, they often need care and maintenance, since the change of the LED flood light and LED tunnel lights, almost nothing problem has occurred t, LED lights greatly saves manpower and material resources for their city. When I made decision of renewing the lighting, so naturally think and discuss with him. He said they also referred majority of lighting features such as high-pressure mercury lamp, etc. Although the lighting is good, but the cost is too high, a take at least two to three hundred dollars, it is too expensive lighting facilities to choose for a large amount of lighting replacement, and finally many contrasts of price, they came to an agreement with using LED lighting,  because it not only has relatively low cost, in the seventy to eighty dollars, but LED lighting is famous for energy saving. Next considering which lighting company they chosen, and their preferred to China, why? Because the Chinese lighting market is very hot, there are relatively more professional lighting company than elsewhere in the world, however, high profile lighting products high price relative to other companies, they also needed relatively inexpensive product, so they aren’t interested in these company. Eventually they made a contract with a company who has affordable price and professional skills, more than three thousand LED floodlights and more than two thousand LED lights were delivered to them on schedule, along with on detailed installation instructions and cautions ,the lighting company specifically called their company and confessed their procurement staff that if artificial damage within seven days replacement, one year later, only the LED tunnel lights that light up 24 hours broken .

He also asked to be there from the procurement officer of this company’s website, I clicked it, I was shocked by their user-friendly design, I did not need to open several pages to select products, simply click on an option, the product performance characteristics is clear, I learned more about the characteristics of LED floodlights after leaving my firm intention to buy it, when I called to consult,I thoroughly conquered because of their enthusiastic attitude and detailed explain, I also compared with their prices and lighting products industry and found that it is indeed lower than similar products, I did not hesitate to set a 10 LED magic light, from paying my money to delivery goods, less than half the time, there is not out of any problems, the most important is that three or four hundred electrical change a month ago has now been reduced to quickly less than two hundred


I hope my experience to help you choose a good LED products so that you can save more time and effort to gain a lot of unexpected results.

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