How to choose healthy environmental protection lamp

Modern home continues to accelerate the pace of development, the lamp is no longer simply provide illumination tool. Lamps  not only illuminate our home, but also heighten the atmosphere, it can be said lamps holds an important position in the modern home. But with the home evolved, it is more and more difficult for consumers to buy the lamps.  What principles should we pay attention to when we purchase lamps? Here I will share with everyone together.

1.Safety is mostly important

In the home life, safety lighting must be our first consideration. No assurance of safety, not to mention other highlights lighting advantage. So security should be a standard user primary take  into consideration especially families with children

While home environment is varied ,requirements of the lamps are not the same. We must select the appropriate home environment lighting to provide security lighting,. No matter what the environment is used, the lamp should meet safety standards, especially the bathroom and kitchen on the lighting requirements are higher, you should choose products with a higher level of waterproof and dustproof.

The lamp should not easily be touched by children, lamps causing an electric shock is usually due to use of non-compliant lamp or live parts of lamp cover doesn’t add or other such measures of protection against electric shock. We’d better not to choose a sharp component products to try to ensure that it is not dangerous to children.

In general, the larger manufacturers of lamps have the relevant safety standards, they also provide after-sales service, it is a relatively easy solution for us to choose a good reputation of the big brands.

2.advantages and facilitate

Home fixture after prolonged use inevitably need to scrub or replaced and cleaning and tidying up the advantages of convenient lighting manifested.

The use of lighting should match the overall home decor, but also combined with the indoor area, configure in accordance with the number and the appropriate size of furniture .we should adopt the ceiling or wall lamp whose diameter is 200 mm below in the small living room whose size is 12 square meters below, lamp number and size should fitly match so as not only to become too crowded, but easier inconvenience in the home life.

3.Energy-saving and environmentally friendly

It is now growing awareness of energy conservation, energy-efficient lighting not only reduces the electricity bill for us, while also contributing to a low-carbon environmental protection, energy saving lamps also choose a wise move. Take LED flood light as Landscape lighting in the open for example,we can we can save a lot of public lighting investment and maintenance costs

How to Choose energy-saving is simply look at the lamp rated power, lighting power unit is watts (abbreviated W, W), the lamp power consumption of the lower total wattage is lower than the total higher wattage lamps. Some products are “UL” word mark, which shows that the product has been recognized by Underwriter Laboratories Inc.,also is the safety indicators certification of light indicators.

4.View the power in the choice of products

There is also a need to note is that, although the energy-saving lamp wattage is low, prices are more reasonable, but the CFL has mercury vapor, pollution of the environment is relatively large, so the user can choose conditional LED lights for home lighting, although the price is higher than other lamps, but lower power, longer life, and environmental protection is more excellent. Such as LED tube light specialize in soft and stable light as indoor lighting.

5.Beautiful style

Appearance, well-lit lamps can give our home life more colorful, using attractive lamps is a good way to beautify the home environment. Various household lighting tricks customers, different users have different preferences, choosing the style and color is also different, either chandelier or ceiling, we only need to pick our favorite available.

We should be based on our actual needs and personal preferences to choose lighting styles. If you pay attention to the practicality of light, black should be picked, dark red and other dark colors chrome ceiling or floor lamp, and if they focus on the pursuit of modern decorative style, then choose lively spot lighting. If it is a favorite ethnic style of the lamp, you can select sculpture craft floor lamp.

The color should be light and home environment coordinated decor. Bedroom lighting layout must take into account the style of living room furniture, wall color, the color of household appliances, lighting and otherwise inconsistent with the overall tone of the room, it will be self-defeating. Such as indoor wall color is light-colored, we should match warm incandescent light source, so you can create a bright and soft light environment.

6.Functional diversification

As technology advances, lighting features also towards the direction of diversification, intelligent lighting also began to enter our home. Many lamps provide a variety of functions, some of these features designed for entertainment, some for the remote control design, and so forth.

Our selection of lamps may encounter when adding some extra money you can get some of the features, which we need purchase on the basis of conjunction with our actual situation so that make our life more fashionable and comfortable.

ImageLighting is the crowning touch to our home lives, we must not be negligent when purchasing. It is apparently that it is not difficult to choose a suitable and favorite light,although there are wide variety of different lamps, The above five elements are optional lamps focus, we should be in the choice of reasonable use. If then with the modern home decor, our home life will surely be better.

Obviously, good lighting fixtures need more specialized manufacturer of LED lighting to produce. can be fully qualified, the leading peer LED lighting manufacturing technology and service attitude has been accepting by domestic users and aboard, Lee Sida together with more environmental enthusiast is walking on the more spacious boulevard of green LED.

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