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LED light is taking action to defend health

Recently, the World Health Organization (WHO) Shanghai Health Education and Health Promotion and Cooperation Centre has carried out a large network of sub-themed survey and found that the sub-health phenomenon of white-collar workers has been extremely popular in the city, with varying degrees of about 98.8% sub-health state, 26 years old -30 years old accounted for 64.2%.

Myopia, dizziness, headache, insomnia, weakness, fatigue, and other sub-health phenomenon have climbed to most modern human’s shoulders, most people attribute to the work pressure, fast-paced life, the general believe that this is inevitable , but they ignore one very important reason – real-life environment. Reality nothing more than indoor and outdoor living environment, lighting is constantly affect us in both  interior and exterio. The survey found that we accepted the lighting time that is an average of 14 hours a day, what is no longer an alarmist that how to choose affects our health in large part. 

The science and technology have been continuously progressing and developing, how to light up start to be diversified the lighting development has appeared incandescent, fluorescent ordinary, ordinary energy-saving lamps and the LED lighting that is new rise of the fourth generation and other lighting from the first generation so far.

According to the survey findings, incandescent, fluorescent, energy saving lamps and other general lighting, all have varying degrees of stroboscopic effect, the average blink rate is about 50 times per second, we can easily lead to myopia migraine headaches and visual nervous system lesions in the light irradiation for a long time. Meanwhile, general lighting is known as UV radiation, working and studying in the general illumination is equivalent to absorb ultraviolet for 1 hour, long period of accumulation can directly lead to that the body’s immune system destroy and kill white blood cells. General lighting outgoing electromagnetic radiation, can also cause heart palpitations, insomnia, leukopenia, nervous system damage. General lighting, especially fluorescent adopts mercury as the activated ingredient, mercury vapor is excited to emit light, its capacity of adsorption is strongonce broken, mercury in the lamp can lead to mercury poisoning, and damage and pollute environment. General lighting is self-evident threat to human health.

Thus, LED lighting came into being. Li Sida lighting insist in the spirit of “international fashion, health and environmental protection” product concept, developed healthy LED lighting series.  LED illumination specialize in healthy non-toxic environmentally friendly materials, adopt low-voltage DC power to supply, there is no cycle alternating for power supply and no strobe light, excellently protect eyesight. No electromagnetic waves, from radio interference, health worries. No UV radiation source, do not lure mosquitoes, healthy, clean and sanitary. And LED light source is solid healthy lighting, which has no harmful elements such as mercury and xenon, no effect on the human body and the environment, green. Such as LED Outdoor Lighting especially LED flood light, LED tunnel lights, LED interior lighting LED tube have been widely sold to Europe and America over the inland. We can find more healthy and green LED lighting in

Meanwhile, compared with high energy consumptionlow life light distortion and other issues of ordinary lighting, Li Sida healthy lighting adopts the fourth generation LED light source, you can directly convert electricity into light , operating current is 0.02-0 .03 A, power consumption is low. Emitting semiconductor chips has no filament, no glass bulb, not afraid of shock, not easily broken, the average service life is up to 5-10 million hours. Advanced backlight technology, LED light circular arrangement, efficient reflector for light projection, so that the light is softer, light irradiation is more uniform, which has greater stability and longer life and completely eliminate flicker,. Really achieve healthy, energy-saving, environmental protection.

With development and progress of modern society, while producing a series of questions, just like a time bomb placed sub everywhere, but everyone knows their victims inaction, panic, fear of fear to survive ……

Health is the life of the capital, health is the source of life, Li Sida LED healthy lighting taken the first step to defend health,highly raising the banner of healthy lighting is only to fulfill the environmental health of the same promise and make a contribution just for our healthy life .