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Why is LED light so popular in lighting industry

(1) LED lighting has been playing a huge role in energy conservation, single LED power is only 0.03-0.06W, and has low driving voltage (1.5-3.5V), current is small (15-18mA), under the same lighting effects, power consumption is only one-eighth of incandescent, fluorescent half. We can see that using the LED light source instead of incandescent and fluorescent lamps for landscape lighting which consume large amount of electricity, the energy saving effect is very obvious, with strong market competitiveness. And the LED light source life is 100 times of incandescent, fluorescent 20-30 times, eliminating the puzzle over needing frequent maintenance, furthermore it has rich colors and good controllability,nothing is better than the urban landscape lighting. Now, LED has increased by  a 50% rate to replace the traditional light source, it will lead the fourth time in the history of mankind lighting revolution, which greatly improve the human environment, alleviate the increasingly serious global energy crisis.

(2) LED light source structure has light weight (epoxy resin), compact, able to adapt to a variety of different geometry and size of the space, light is solid, not inflated, there is no gas sealing problems, no glass enclosure, resistance Shock, shock-resistant, not easily broken, determines that the require of its strength and stiffness is low than other light sources. Moreover, LED has cold light source, controllable, fast response time, can be repeated frequently turn on and off, not tired. LED tube is the best example to illustrate these advantages

(3) LED light color is pure, rich, can evolve any color, the color is better than metal halide lamp, and its decorative is unparalleled. LED flood light is the best lighting which apply in the decorative lighting. LED light source is compact so that it has  good flexibility, can form a variety of point, line, surface, balls and other shapes. According to the purposes of landscape lighting, with the help of the microcomputer intelligent control technology, the changes of LED light source can be made into what is suitable for point, line, surface, the ball, and other forms, including: Flicker (flashing) control, suitable for the formation of “point, line “; gradual (soft change) control, suitable for the formation of” side “; dynamic variable (jump) control, suitable for forming a pattern vertical and horizontal movement changes. These three changes can also form a sphere rotating movement, also can be a single lamp control and light control group.

Of course, everything is not perfect, LED lighting is no exception, its price is currently slightly high compare with conventional lighting equipment, and he needs constant current drive and excellent heat dissipation configured to support, relatively low CRI.

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