Daily Archives: May 26, 2013

I have a good experience to share

I have a good friend Johnny working in urban planning bureau, he is responsible for the city’s building and planning, he is always proudly talking about the best thing that is a greatest contribution to the city. They planned a large-scale lighting renovation project for their city to practice low-carbon environmental conservation last year,. He strongly recommended to use LED floodlights and LED tunnel lights to replace the traditional fluorescent lamp used in parks, squares and gymnasium and road and rail tunnels, as he said, thanks to LED lighting , the government saved more than 500 million dollars lighting investment in the fourth quarter of last year, which includes electricity charges and cost inputs of maintaining lighting equipment.

Of course, such large renovation project required a relatively reasonable price and guaranteed quality, they also spent a lot of time and energy comparing a large number of lighting companies, they finally reached an agreement with a Chinese lighting company. China is the most popular country of LED manufacturing, where there are many world-renowned LED manufacturers, most of the leading manufacturers of LED lighting products have high prices, and fortunately they found one whose reputation is not high in the LED lighting industrybut it has excellent value, and they have been very satisfying with their warm hospitality and professional skills. After their issued orders, less than half month they finished. There are nearly nothing problems with LED floodlight installed in the square and stadium in six months so far, except only a few tunnel lights that turn on 24 hours. He also interested in the company’s services and products.


At the beginning of this year, I just renovated the house, I needed some garden lighting, he recommended I use this company’s products, I did not hesitate to click http://www.lead-lighting.com, which was really surprised me, first of all their humane professional website let me have a good impression about the company, I called the company’s phone, their answers were so passionate and detailed that I was very shocked, and finally I bought 10 20W LED flood light. From my order to delivery timethere were less than two weeks, they has shipped scheduled LED lights. From then onfour months has passedI has been lightening all the night, nothing problem happened , I used to spend four or five hundred a month because of lighting, now less than two hundred, and I thank my friend Johnny, of course, I look forward to more grace of this professional LED company.