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What’s the comprehensive analysis of the installation of the LED lights in Guangdong

Guangdong Provincial required that all the province’s public lighting would be replaced with the LED products within three years onwards 2012, the reconstruction of the LED road light which include the LED street light and the LED tunnel light must be firstly completed before the end of 2013 in the Pearl River Delta region. As of June 12, 2013 Dragon Boat Festival, Guangdong Province has tendered and installed more than 800,000 LED road lights to illuminate the road that is up to 20,000 km ; for the Indoor lighting products , more than 2.1 million LED lighting fixtures have been used , strongly driven by the all levels of government in province , the application scale of Guangdong LED industry ranks first in the country. We have gathered the promotion situation of LED road lights in the cities of the Pearl River Delta:

1· Guangzhou

As of the end of 2012 , GuangzhouCity has installed 25107 LED street lights . On April 2013 , the Guangzhou Municipal Science and Technology Bureau said that the 114,848 LED street lights would be installed in district and towns of the Guangzhou to ensure that the promotion and application of LED lighting products would be successfully completed this year, a total of 139,955 LED street lights will be installed in the city .

2· Shenzhen


Shenzhen Municipal Government plans to complete the LED retrofit of 9 million LED road light and 10 million interior lighting lamps by the end of 2013,of which Bao’an District have planed to retrofit the 20,000 LED road lights for the coming two years on the main road , the promotion of LED street light and LED tunnel light on the 107 State Road, the south checkpoint – Airport Road , Baoan Road Metro Joint Inspection Station – Airport and Airport Tunnels will be completed by the end of 2013 ; the promotion of LED lighting  from the State Road 107 to airports – Songgang segment and the whole segment of the Paveway will be completed by the end of 2015; the airport Tunnel Baoan Boulevard and Songgang segment will wait to be implemented after that the Metro Line 11 is taken action .

As far as the street lighting retrofits on Baoan District is concerned, all the LED lights will be used on the new roads this year.

3· Dongguan

According to the statistics of Dongguan Science and Technology Bureau, entering  July 2013 , Dongguan has completed the renovation of 3756 LED street lights , completed a total of 82,897 LED road lights have been transformed in the city, 15,742 LED interior lights has been transformed , a total transformation of the public sphere LED interior lights is 118 893 , of which street light made more desirable progress , 45% of the total plan has been completed.

4· Zhuhai

Zhuhai plans to be completed the reconstruction of the LED road lights before the end of 2013 , more than 30,000 lights has been currently completed, the completed amount is leading in province.

5· Zhongshan

On July , what has been informed that the Zhongshan City building housing Bureau plans to begin to fully implemented next half of the year ,the city ‘s transformation range of the LED road lights is east to the Chanjiang road , west to the 105 State Road  , south to the City Road , north to the North Ring Road , , Changjiang Road, under the smoothly construction , it is expected to be completed the transformation before the end of the year ; the renovation project plans to divided the downtown into several separate batches to staggering piece construction , a flow way will be used to replace the work,the traffic will only lead to short-term impact during construction on the road . From the city’s point of view, according to task of promoting the use of LED lights , Zhongshan City, objectives and tasks , in 2013 11.4848 ten thousand LED road lights plans to be installed in the city , 13.9955 ten thousand LED road lights accumulated will be installed , at present, the installation and renovation of 3 million LED road lights has been completed the city.

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