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[DIY Tutorial]How to produce the environmentally practical LED reading lights

A fashion LED reading light is both environmentally friendly and very practical.

First, the necessary materials

5pcs Bright white LED lights, 5pcs 220Ω current limiting resistor, 1pcs MINI-USB interface base, and the CCL and ferric chloride, etc.

Second, the production process

1, drawing the schematic in the PROTEL, as shown.

[DIY Tutorial] environmentally practical LED reading lights

the schematic of LED reading light

2, generate PCB document.

3, printing PCB on the thermal transfer paper.

4, use the iron to transfer the pattern onto CCL.

5, thrown off heat transfer paper, put the CCL into a solution of ferric chloride corrosion.

6, drilling, grinding.

7, solder mounting components.

At this point, the produced of reading lamps are done. Use, only need to plug the USB charger that is an ordinary universal charger for the mobile phone,then we can hide in bed and watch the fiction. Very bright light, do not damage the eyes, interested friends can try to do one.

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