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How to choose the phone USB cable

Along with the phone transforms from call to exchange data, multimedia communications, wireless transmission etc, phone USB cable as a necessary accessory and gadget is increasingly important. While, there is not a unified standard brand on the market and the phone USB cable are mixed, not to mention the consumers who do not know how to choose.

Definitely, how to choose the phone USB cable is based on how you know about it. Seemingly simple data communications products actually contain a collection of hardware and software, and its role is similar to a mobile phone circuit board. There is no doubt that a high-quality data cable can play a potential functional, while the poor may even damage your phone. The common standard phone USB cable currently on the market are mainly MBUS, FBUS, FBUS + MBUS. MBUS standard data transfer rate is 9.6Kbp / s, which are mainly used for maintenance, unlock, root; the data transfer rate of FBUS standard data cable is 115.2Kbp / s, mainly for wireless Internet access, ringtones, pictures, Transfer games; and FBUS + MBUS data cable is standard with the features and functions of these two standard data cables.Then i will introduce how to choose.
First of all,check the appearance of the data cable. The surface of good data cable is not smooth, the length is at least 100cm, the color of both ends of the interface shell are self, injection molding, there is no welded joints; in addition, pinching the data cable, it is soft.

Second,check its internal structure. The chip of data cables are different as the chip data lines supported by the phone is not the same, definitely,how the data cable is linked with how the chip is, there must be ship matched with the mobile phone. In addition to having a high-quality chips, the technological manufacturing should be well. Because the internal structure of the data cable is encapsulated inside the interface, so the most direct and effective way is to choose according to brand, price and conditions, then try to buy the original product.
Third,how it match with the software. This mainly refers to the applications computer data cable support. Especially for the color screen phone, only the specified data line can use the supporting software. Besides,for some of the data lines, only the original or those in accordance with the original specifications can match with corresponding supporting software. So how it match with your software can also distinguish substandard products, because of the increasingly fierce competition in the mobile phone market, some manufacturers do not scheduled to launch computer software or phone data cables. Therefore, not all of the phone data lines have to match with original software. So for consumers, you must first determine what function the software has and then buy the matching phone data cable to really enjoy the fun of the phone data USB cables.

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