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LED lights adorn Mid-autumn Day

On September 19th 2013, the traditional Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival came on time ,there are huge crowds of people at the Hong Kong Victoria Park Lantern , large number of people and tourists shuttled in the bright lights and felt the festive joy. Pictured is  the half-moon giant  lantern”Lantern Wonderland” named “Wyatt Full of the Moon,” which is 10 meters high, 20 meters in diameter and compose of 7,000 plastic bottles that are recycled and wasted  and energy-saving LED bulbs.

Hongkong LED light in Mid-autumn

LED lights is currently used as the main decorating lighting to set off the the festive atmosphere. What’s more,as we increasingly put forward higher requirements of energy saving and our living standards instantly  improved,  those just can only meet the demand for simple lighting and environmental and emit dazzling light  such as the energy-saving lamps and fluorescent lamps destiny to be  replaced by  the LED lighting  that is known as energy saving, design diversity,

Nowadays,the LED tube light and LED bulb are the most widely used as the representatives of the decorative lighting  and the home lighting in daily life,they are enjoyiong a great popularity in our corridor, restaurants, shopping, leisure and entertainment, galleries, exhibition halls and other indoor environments everywhere,meanwhile,there a large number of factory engaging in developing and producing the LED light,Lead Lighting is just one of them,which adopts high brightness SMD as the light source of the LED tube and LED bulbs so that fully guaranteed stable and soft light of the LED tube light and LED bulbs, while  low voltage constant current driver ensure the AC can be converted into the DC to improve energy efficiency of the LED tube light and LED bulbs and reduce the waste heat energy and stroboscopic effect exciting the human eye, the most important is that the LED lighting without adding mercury and other heavy metals harmful to our body and pollution the environment, that’s why the LED light is Known as energy-saving and environmental protection. Login http://www.ledclan.com to learn more features and uses of the LED  tube light and surf www.lead-lighting.com  to know more awesome LED floodlights and other LED lighting.

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