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100% Design: 344 LED lantern enveloped Taipei Museum

The famous London Design Festival 100% Design International Design Exhibition was opened on the 18th September 2013, the TaipeiCity government cultural delegation led by Secretary Liu Weigong regarded the Adaptive City Taipei 100% as the theme, using the 344 LED lantern to build the Taipei museum, came under scrutiny.

Taipei was nominated “2016 World Design Capital runoff election city,” to fight for the highest title of International Design Festival on Aug., and strive to become the Taipei World Design Capital in 2016, Taipei is designed to show enormous potential and energy of the Taiwanese designers. London International Design Festival 100% Design is the UK’s largest design exhibition, more than 18 years of history, more than 6,000 professionals has been attracted to attend the design world, the Taipei City Government, although first-time exhibitors, but their themes emphasizing social and sustainable design has been quite well received.

LED lantern

Shen Lvxun who is the representative of Taiwan in the United Kingdom said Taipei appeal the“as knife and file make smooth the bone”, indicating Taipei is a vibrant and culturally diverse modern metropolis, but also retains the essence of traditional Chinese culture, like “Oriental touch to the West, tradition and modernity “city.

100% Design: 344 LED lantern enveloped Taipei Museum

He said that he looked forward to all walks of life overwhelmingly support the Taipei that become the “World Design Capital” and, since August this year, Taiwan’s actively participated in a series of the cultural activities organized in United Kingdom, including the Edinburgh International Festival, the Fringe Festival, London Fashion Week and the London Design Festival, the strength of Taiwan’s cultural and creative is everywhere.

William Knight who is the CEO of London International Design Festival 100% Design praised that the design concept was impressive in Taipei, hoped that more Britons know the strength of Taiwan’s cultural and creative with help of the design exhibition, but also hoped that more Taiwan’s cultural and creative talent found the arena in the UK.

Liu Weigong said Taipei Design Exhibition in 2011, won the high rating of domestic and international design circles, the media and the public, Taipei great confident in the gaining the 2016 World Design Capital.

Another brilliant seven minutes of video was played at the showing of the Opening ceremony, the British “forward Orchestra” and was invited to sing Chinese songs at the scene.

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