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What are the advantages of the integrated T8/T5 LED Tube?

Consumers often hear such words integrated LED tube light , then what is the integration ? Simply the bracket and cooling tubes are put into one , referred to as integration. So T8/T5 LED Tube integration also abandoned the stents the traditional fluorescent tubes use, then What are the advantages T8/T5 LED Tube integration?


1, the cavity of which the power is place in the T8/T5 integrated LED tube light increases, the built-in power can easily be placed inside the tubes ( isolated power height can be placed ) , than cooling area increased by 20% more than those of the conventional , the heat dissipation is extremely excellent,when normally used, the case temperature is only 28 degrees ( normal type is more than 40 degrees ) , greatly increasing the life of the product . Moreover , the company promises 3 years warranty , if any non-human quality problems in 3 years, the company is responsible for the maintenance or replacement for free.

2, the integrated T8/T5 LED Tube light is of more flexible dimensions, length can be customized according to customer requirements . the length is currently available for customers to choose : 20CM/30CM/50CM/60CM/90CM/100CM/120CM/150CM ( while as the aluminum plate can be docked , the different lengths can be implemented docking, the longest that can be docked is 40 meters. Example : 30CM 150CM with docking, formation 180CM long tube ) . Contrast with the traditional lamps , the advantages is obvious .

The basic parameters of the T8 integrated led tube light : LED tube lights T8-20 (30/50/100/150) models is suitable for the power of 85-260V/50 ~ 60Hz, the housing standard length is 200 ( 300/500/1000/1500 ) mm, total power consumption is 4 (5/8/15/22) W, the lumen value of the high light beads is 310 (400/710/1410/2070) lm, luminous efficiency is equivalent to 25 ( 30 / 50/100/150) W incandescent lamp .

3, the structural advantages : Because T8/T5 integrated LED tube light merged the tube , brackets , heat three into one structure , the drive power of the LED light source is built inside the aluminum shell of the T8/T5 integrated LED Tube , making the product housing has a very modern integration , simply snap-fit and directly snap , easy to install. Used alone as a lamp , the overall feeling is very strong, it is very beautiful.

4 , cooling advantages : unique integrated structural design of the T8/T5 LED Tube Integrated lies in the ingenious cooling scales reflected in the products , we all know that the key that decides the life of LED lighting products is solving the heat dissipation , T8 fluorescent integration , try best to reflect the cooling area on the product’s enclosure , so that the cooling efficiency at their best.

5, the safety design : From a security standpoint , the circuits of T8/T5 integrated LED Tube light supplying light-emitting diode is laid on the aluminum plate , and aluminum plate is connected to the housing , heat dissipating is very rapidly.

ps: The only drawback , aluminum weight increase , the cost rose slightly , but still very cost-effective , because eliminating the bracket , the overall cost down .

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