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Philips Hue LED perfectly debut London Design Festival

The London Design Festival is being held successfully to introduce the photon design projects from September 16 to 22, this photon design project is to study the linkages between the lights and health. The exhibits including the Philips Hue lights have installed in the photonic glass cabin.

Photon project is funded by the University of Oxford and glass engineering company Cantifix collaboratively studied the link between light and healthy for four years, project results are also on display this week at the festival. The researchers built a glass photon cabin where a variety of adjustable lamps is equipped with, these lamps including adjustable Philips Hue lamp on the desk.

Visitors can participate in the test in the glass cabin to feel the relaxed and alerted state in the contexts of different solid-state lighting, lighting and The figure is Philips HUE lights, but it just one of all of the LED lighting products in the cabin.


Philips Hue LED perfectly debut London Design Festival

Brent Richards who is architect and designer involving cabin Photon project said: ” understanding the feelings of different lighting settings means that the natural light is used to reconcile application design lighting so that enjoy the Heart of the lights whether at home or in the company. Philips Hue is not only just the light whose status is set , this feature is just the tip of the iceberg of our photon project, the project will also demonstrate better results on dynamic lighting. ”

Hue LED.1

Philips Hue LED perfectly debut London Design Festival

Philips Chief Design Officer Sean Carney said: “By Philips Hue lights, we initial experience the creativity the digital lighting brings.” When we have a new insight on the physiological and psychological effects of the light, either by simulating light sunshine supports the body’s natural balance, or use some deeper means perfect state of health, we can use the digital lighting for more meaningful applications.

It is understood that photon project began in 2009, which has demonstrated results in the photons seminar of the London Design Festival. The researchers then moved to the University of Oxford photonic glass cabin, which is one of the nine tanks in photon village. 300 participants will be allowed to experience the “life under the glass cabin” the researchers call and assist in data collection.

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