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What’s the LED tube light

LED tube has many advantages, it is conducive to our eyesight and physical health . It is generally used for general lighting , office buildings, shopping malls, restaurants , schools, homes, factories and other indoor lighting, LED tube light is affordable for the majority of users , the installation is very simple .

Now, with a large number of LED tube listed and widely used , led tube start entering our daily lives. And because the led tube is known as energy saving, environmental protection, long life and other advantages, so led tube light is a ideal light selected suitable for various places at the current stage ,it also enjoys a great popularity as the household lighting sources. Then the following , the expert will precisely analyse what about the led tube!


English: LED tubes in various length for retro...

English: LED tubes in various length for retrofit to fluorescent tubes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

led tube is fluorescent tubes mentioned in the daily life, led is used as the light source,the light-emitting diode is used as the light source of led tube light , which is green and environment-friendly semiconductor light source , soft light, color pure, conducive to our eyesight and physical health . What’s more , led tube is famous for the highly efficient and energy-saving , which is up to 10 % or more, the life of the is 5 times more than ordinary tube light.,led tube is divided into two kinds of internal and external power supply , the installation is relatively simple ,how to install the led tube whose power supply is built-in is simply removing the original lamp and the ballast and starter to replace with the led tube.

Today , led tube lighting has already broken the traditional lighting concept , resulting in two new design concepts, scene  lighting and mood lighting are designed as the consumer’s demand for the environment and lighting, creating a brilliant light scene and a mood lighting environment .

Price of led tube

Currently, there are many brands available in the market , variety , under normal circumstances, the price of each is 5 to 20 dollar. High quality led tube generally adopt the efficient trichromatic phosphor , or water powder coating process , while the poor led tube uses the halogen powder tube , so although the price of the led tube light is low, but the life and light effects are lower.

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