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Canada’s Team designed the creative LED table lamps that can be freely combined

We are always troubled by  too monotonous fixtures at home, many creative shapes can not meet our own creative spirit, we are always trying best to use own ideas to design a wonderful home. Do not worry, the latest LED table lamps can provide us solve the problems.

LED table lamp

Dodecado LED table lamp

The design team from Canada design a LED table lamp ” Dodecado” freely combing,with the help of the magnet built-in, the user can arrange them in any possible way to obtain creative lighting experience.

LED table lamp 1

DodecadoLED lamp

Dodecado table lamp is designed with the modular, each module is a dodecahedron, for which there are  a total of 15 colors to choose, the module that is of dodecahedron shapes is built with different colors of the LED and rechargeable battery, relying on magnetic is to connect each other, which can be stacked on the base of the power supply and can also be used alone after fully charged, a full charge can work for 2.5 hours.

Dodecado table lamp supports 110V-240V wide voltage input. As a result of LED as a light source, the environmental performance of Dodecado is also very good, its life can reach 50,000 hours, the recyclable materials is also used as the production and packaging of the product, products can be secondary,it used as a pen holder and other daily necessities is also a good selection.

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