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What’s the brief introduction of the promotion and application of the LED road light in USA

There are 52 million road lights in U.S., of which 50% are highway lights, streetlights,  LED tunnel light and the other half are the lights used in urban and public plaza such LED flood light, which is the world’s largest urban lighting system, more than China ( 35 million or so ) . U.S. Department of Energy planned to replace the existing arrangements with the LED street light in 2009, its start-up time is later than “Ten City, ten thousand lamps” advocated in China. The American LED road lights including the LED tunnel light are a part of road lights over the world , the plans and arrangements promoted is more rigorous .

LED road light

As it is difficult to meet lighting requirements of the main road for the LED road lighting in terms of performance, the economic return is not satisfactory, so the United States LED road lighting is mainly focused on secondary roads and urban lighting on the road .

Since the 2010, the scale of several towns that is of different sizes were selected with the truck , the inland and coastal geographically ; different techno-economic conditions, using different products and programs to pilot the projects in order to obtain a more comprehensive test results under various conditions . Preliminary results obtained in begin , and the scope has been gradually expanded in other towns under a voluntary basis. According to incomplete statistics, the promotion and application accounting for less than 5% of total street . Now there are no city where all of the LED lights are used. Los Angeles firstly implementation of the world’s largest LED lighting scheme that 220,000 LED road lights including the LED street light and LED tunnel lights and other power LED lights plan to be installed, followed by the eastern Boston .

According to the above scheme,the municipal LED lighting Union was established on May 2010 to provide the various experimental cities and professional departments with a platform . Its purpose is to break the limitations of local , reduce repetitive test inputs, minimize investment risk and shorten the learning cycle of using the LED lighting. Summed up the exchange , providing a unified standard and software tools for project evaluation ,.

The LED road lights will be phased applied and tested in pilot cities . The first stage is to explore the improvement effectiveness of the application of lighting conditions and feasibility of investment returns . The second phase of the expansion of the trial period , the pursuit of technological improvements, the establishment of standards , cost-effective products and the level of application methods further improve ,achieve that the application of effects and economic benefits , environmental protection and energy conservation, social effects are enough to attract social investment . The third stage is the social capital investment of the natural introduction, so that the LED street light and LED tunnel light can be fully promoted. Some cities also divided the stage of the promotion and application into five phases . Preliminary estimates, which won’t be fully mature until 2020.

In addition to the USA,there are a large number of cities sparing no effort to  promoting and applying the LED road lights,particularly the cities where there are vast number of popularity but limited resource,such as the Japan、China、India.

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