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The world’s largest LED road reconstruction project was successfully completed in Los Angeles

The world’s largest reconstruction project of LED road light including the LED street light and LED tunnel light was successfully completed in Los Angeles, a total of 141,089 new LED road lights were installed in this project. According to Forbes, the Los Angeles city’s estimated annual electricity savings is at least $ 7,000,000, the maintenance expenses of $ 2,500,000 is avoided, which thanks to LED lighting’s energy efficient. After this effect was published,a number of other cities have followed suit.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles is not the only one where the LED street lighting and LED tunnel light were retrofitted. For example, many other California cities, regardless of size, have done the same lighting retrofits. On March this year, the Las VegasCity completed the installation of 42,000 LED road lights. A month later, Austin, Texas, announced plans to install 35,000 LED road lights. Moreover, CPS Energy claimed that it would install 20000 LED road lights in San Antonio on December last year.

Studies predict that shipments of LED road lights is from less than 3 million in 2012 to 1700 million lights in 2020.

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