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London street light ”tell ” the Chanel love story

In London, if you want to see the “Chanel ” ,it is not necessarily to enter the upscale department store , walking in the streets as you can do so,which is a “secret” all the Londoner has known, in fact, the symbol is carved on the lamppost of the streets light in the center city.

Infatuated Duke commemorated the love

In front of Big Ben and flowering Regent Park , on the both side of the Europe’s most bustling commercial street Regent Street , the anti-rust black paint is painted on the surface of the high copper lamppost year after year , so that the street lights of the central London have seemed to be great sense of history,the symbol ( as shown ) that is the same as the premium luxury brand “Chanel “has been inscribed with gold paint as color and black as the bottom on lamppost base. This is not the “Crash ” of the London Municipal Design and French luxury goods company’s design, but the genuine “Chanel ” logo both countries have recognized .

Many Britons believe that “Chanel ” that is engraved on the streets lights in the London street originated the founder of the French luxury brand of the same name , which is a section of a exotic romance from the masters of the London City – the Duke of Westminster. In 1925 , Chanel met the Duke of Westminster- Hugh Richard Arthur Gross Wiener in a social gathering of Monte Carlo. The Duke loved the female designers from the French at first sight, the two lovers have to keep five or six years time , Chanel ultimately refused to marry the Duke , but the world is not known what the reason is.

The British Duke who had never been able to forget Chanel decided to engraved “Chanel ” brand logo on the light lamppost of London central street from then on, while uppercase W was engraved next to the mark, on behalf of the Duke of Westminster family . This was done because the silly Duke wanted to tell future generations ” there will be many generations of the Duke of Westminster in the future , but only one Chanel .”


Love story on the street in London

“Love Memories” is probably apocryphal

Over the past century , the old city center of London experienced a number of alterations , but the unique symbol representing the two Lover have still been engraved on the new street lights erected. Why is the Duke of Westminster could not discuss with the City of London and make such a decision on the design of municipal facilities? Every Londoner can tell you the answer : Because the Gros Wiener family had been the largest of the ” landlord” in the city ​​of London , including the government district of Westminster and many hinterland gold zone in London are the private property of the Duke family , and which are ” rent not sell .” over the years.

Even the British Prime Minister did not dare manage what the “landlord” would like to do in London . But there are some people doubting the “Chanel ” logo everywhere on the streets of London is really witnessed the part of the love last century? Westminster Government’s transport affairs officer Martin Rolle told reporters that someone will ask the question about this flag meaning almost every year. Although he would not disappointed , but had repeatedly clarified that the signs pieced together by the two letters “C” on the lamppost stands for ” CITY COUNCIL “, more convincing is that these lamp posts hadn’t actually emerged only until the 1950s on the streets of London , which is 20 years latter than when the infatuation Duke met Chanel.

Chanel 1

Chanel logo on the street in London

French people love to buy souvenirs lamppost

Although the local government reasoned explanation , but most people are unwilling to accept this answer sounds ” disappointing ” in London. Many locals and reporters who talk about this issue , are convinced that ” two C-word is love sign .” Their view is that how the two Reverse C were staggered and carved together by the government that have always been really given to indicate that this is ” public property ” ? Also said that many of urban area of London are private property of Gros Wiener family until now, if the government did such a lamppost design , it is not impossible to raise the Duke family the design.

Whether love story is true or false , it has become one of discussion people keen to talk  in the London city tours. In the Capitol , where tourists is rushing near Buckingham Palace, the local gold paint exceptionally fast signs off on the lamppost, reportedly because too many tourists touch.

Originally, ” Big Ben ” ” royal red mailbox ” or ” black taxi ” anda variety of knick-knacks often only be bought in the souvenirs shop of London, but now many places are selling “Chanel lamppost “, and some of the vendors told reporters that many of customers are French, they said that they prefer to take the unique view of London and the love story we do not know the true and false together back to France.

Chanel engraved on the lamppost of London leads to romance and tourist hot, which also reflects that the street lights is the city ‘s indispensable municipal facility in London, and the street lights not only provide lighting, while also because of inscribed Chanel attract people’s attention , however , more street lighting facility is to convenient people to travel and decorate the city , along with we have been greater emphasis on the city’s beauty and energy saving, more and more cities started using LED road lights such as LED street light and LED tunnel light,

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