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LED mini projectors give us movie paradise anywhere

Since coolux company introduced the first LED mini projector α1 in 2007,pico projectors have made great progress and development , but for the majority of domestic people who may still be unfamiliar with, the word has yet left the deep impression in people’s minds. However, the micro-projector is truly changing our entertainment and life. As the trend of cutting-edge technology products , the micro- projector allows you to enjoy the fun big screen bring at anytime, anywhere. Especially at present , the micro-projector is not only high brightness , and the features are also more and more abundant , which can be easily connected to each other with smart mobile devices . And are you keep up with the beat of the times so that makes life more colorful ?

LED mini projector is no longer a tasteless toys !

Since the Mini projector was born, due to technical and other reasons , what can be said is that its usefulness is quite satisfactory. Among them, the biggest factor is the low brightness , which also led to its once called ” toys .” and the current market down on both sides , vendors hotly advocated , but the consumer was lukewarm , the micro projector market has been a tepid state.

LED mini projectors

LED mini projectors, movie paradise anywhere

Although the overall performance of micro- projector market does not appear as the same as the vendor envisioned,but in view of in the long term,the market prospects are unlimited , domestic manufacturers coolux did not give up , a number of Taiwan-based projector manufacturers have not given up , which have been continuously made efforts in this field . new products have been  always continue to introduced annually in the micro- projector market, micro-projector performance of the product itself also will constantly improve.

LED mini projectors 1

LED mini projectors, movie paradise anywhere

To 11 years,HD highlight models coolux α3 + introduced by the coolux technology revived the our interest in pico projector market. The brightness has not only greatly improved , and the resolution also reached 720P grade .

And to the 12 years, as X-Series models that is up to 500 lumens brightness the coolux technology breakthrough launched, coolux X2, completely out of the mini projector without practical shortcomings , once launched the wide attention to the micro-cast on the market.

Mini projector stepping into practical era let the companies see the future market prospects. In these two years , the projector manufacturers are constantly upgrading LED projector brightness , but also began to consider achieving a good balance of the portability and high performance,which is an important core issues the manufacturers have been overlooked since the LED project listed.

And as the technology continues to mature and Texas Instruments microchip HD launched , in addition the new LED projector have continued to be improved the brightness nearly two years , but the volume remains the same size , which is meant , there are more and morer selectable mini projector machine for us, and also further enhanced practicality .

Nowadays , as the performance and functionality of the LED mini-projector significantly improved, it is able to be applied to more and more areas . Such as a home , business, travel and personal education. What’s more, there are much more applications for the LED projector, such as high-grade rooms , KTV, shops, product demonstrations, bars, cafes , we are expecting to enjoy the mini projector truly made with big screen at anytime, anywhere !

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