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What’s the development trend of the LED lighting

Today, each country is actively promoting the development of LED industry in order to save energy and protect environment, as the policies that corresponding legislation has been introduced to ban the incandescent have been implemented, forcing traditional lighting industry giants have invested in the LED competition, the current market is growing rapidly, then what’s the development situation of the world,we’ll analyze for you.

Governments actively develop environmental regulations and prohibit the use of incandescent lamps. Traditional lighting giant introduced new LED light source to accelerate the formation of the new business model.

As the global lighting electricity consumption topped 20% of the total annual electricity consumption, of which is up to 90% of the energy is converted into heat energy consumption, which is disgusting waste , considering the environmental protection and energy saving, LED lighting has quickly become a technology and industry we are popularly concerned about. Meanwhile, the governments is actively developing environmental regulations, spurred by the double benefits of the laws and regulations in the market, the scale of the global LED industry is showing rapid growth trend.

LED lighting industry development situation in the world

The advantage of the LED lighting is self-evident. LED light is of high luminous efficiency, long life, its luminous efficiency can reach 2.5 times over the fluorescent lamp, as 13 times as the incandescent lamp. The luminous efficiency of the Incandescent is very low, only 5% of the electrical energy is turn into light energy, 95% of energy have become hot wasted. The fluorescent lamps is relatively better than some incandescent lamp, 20% to 25% of the electrical energy is turn into light energy, but there are 75% to 80% of the energy is wasted. Therefore, from the point of view of energy efficiency, both of which are of very low utilization efficiency.

Therefore, the benefits of the LED lighting are obvious. Australia introduced the world’s first regulations prohibiting the use of the incandescent in 2007, European Commission adopted a regulation concerning out incandescent on March 2009. Therefore, the international two traditional lighting company Osram and Philips has speeded up the layout of the LED lighting field in recent years. They entering the LED lighting market promote the rapid development of LED technology also accelerate the pace of progress.

LED lighting

Although the LED industry developing in the field of lighting is good, but the homogeneity is more apparent, the differentiated innovative design still must be done in order to base in the LED industry so that have a place in the LED industry.

Fortunately,there are many professional companies developing and producing LED light over the world, lead lighting is one of them,Lead lighting has been continuing to strengthen the use of certified raw materials such as  LED chips, LED drivers, heat sinks, shell, etc., and improve R & D and production team, striving to adopt the best materials and technology to produce best quality LED flood light, LED tunnel light,LED street light, LED tube light and other indoor and outdoor lighting, using highly integrated high-brightness COB as the light source of the  LED flood light and LED tunnel light and other outdoor lighting,adopting high brightness SMD LED as the light source of the LED tube light, the low-voltage constant current driver ensure the alternating current can be convert into direct current so that improve the energy use and reduces the stroboscopic effect stimulating the human eye, fully guarantee octahedron illuminated area of LED flood lights and bright light to adapt to outdoor open environment ,the soft and bright light of the LED tunnel light and LED street light and LED tube light makes us safe driving in tunnels and enjoy work and study.As an ISO 9001:2000-certified factory,the lead lighting can meet the strict standards of CE, RoHS, FCC certificate, these strict producing standards guarantee our products distribute smoothly both in domestic and international markets. click http://www.lead-lighting.com/products/bid32-1.htm  for more detailed and professional features and uses of the LED tunnel light or return the homepage to know about  more affordable and qualify LED light.

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