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Keep cool and colorful childhood : DIY LED gramophone

Just as we are used to dream of having Doraemon. This inspiration also comes from this. We also manufacture this equipment – time phonograph . Its function is simple to say like a computer with a network recorder and Bluetooth capabilities , and because it has only one button , so we give it a name – OneButton.

LED gramophone 1

There is this scene in life: there is a motorcycle at home ,someone has urgently ride, and do not have to tell everyone at home . Before leaving, he just record a passage toward the box , the box color turn from blue to red. Others  just click the button to know the reason. Using the light to remind the people coming at different times, which is the first feature of the phonograph .

The second function of the phonograph is controlling the voice via the Bluetooth, its application scenario is perhaps the ashamed apologize. The Text is sent to the box via the cell phone , the synthesized voice help you say the phrase that is unspeakable Sorry , maybe make you easier , less embarrassing .

The third function of the Gramophone is leaving a message by the network, and we hope it becomes a gift to be sent out in the future , we can also endless blessing. WiFi module can help the device obtain the information of the wechat. from the network . Wechat client can leave a message to the device , the data is sent to the network , which will also return to the message that has been sent to read, and which has not yet been read .

We are thus completed its production :

Materials used are:


ISD1820 recording module

SYN6658TTS voice module

Bluetooth module

WiFi module

RGBLED lights and other

First, the Arduino is connected to the recording modules and the 8th digital port is used to play the sound, the 9th ports is used to record sound , and then button separately made is connected on 12 port. Because TTS voice module is controlled to communicate through the serial , so the RX and TX are connected to the Arduino 2,3 port , the Bluetooth module is connected to the RX and TX 4,5 ports. Because the three color of the RGBLED lights is controlled by PWM , so the red, green and blue colors is respectively controlled and connected to the 6,10,11 port . the WiFi module of the serial port can be connected to 7,13 port.

In the actual production process, we successfully commissioned one by one before integration.After the circuit connection part was over, we ​​used the 3D printing to make the shell of the phonograph and fixed inside part of the circuit .

LED gramophone 2

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