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LED curtain wall system: Korea will build the first stealth skyscraper

South Korea will build an “invisible” skyscraper, called the “invisible”.There is no clear date of construction for this building that is of 1476 feet (about 450 meters) high, but has gained building and construction permit near Incheon International Airport.

Invisible Tower 1

LED curtain wall system :Korea will built first stealth skyscraper

The work process of the Invisible Tower LED wall (picture from GDS)

GDS architect of this project will use LED wall systems to make building “invisible.” Through the system dedicated optical cameras, LED wall can directly display the back of the building, when the LED wall work, “reflection skin” can give us the false impression that the tower has disappeared in the skyline.

Outline of the tower especially two separate spire give us a deep impression, the invisible tower will be mainly used for entertainment and leisure, the internal set up a 4D cinema, restaurants, a water park and a beautiful garden, after completed,she will also be the world’s third highest observation deck.

Invisible Tower

LED curtain wall system : Korea’s first building will be stealth skyscraper

Invisible tower design effect (picture from GDS)

GDS designer Charles (Charles Wee) said: “There is no design that build the world’s tallest or the most luxurious skyscraper , our solutions turned to offer the first stealth tower in the world, doing so shows South Korea’s innovative technology in the process of globalization, we can also expect provide South Korea and the whole world with a new mode of construction. ”

Korea invisible tower is innovative, taking advantage of the LED wall make that the technology and imagination get a good combination, I believe that the tower will be an invisible landmark after the completion. But building an invisible tower near the airport may also need to be considered. Apparently, LED combining with design will bring us a perfect and unique visual experience and convenience,

We can also see that, LED lighting that is environmentally friendly has been favored by South Korea,there is no doubt that LED lighting has been completely and closely linked to architectural design,moreover connect to the design, agriculture, medicine, science and technology and other industry to bring us extrordinary experience.

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