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LED light therapy and help against the seasonal depression in USA

USA Portland residents have a new way to defend against seasonal depression, which is the LED light therapy bar room. Now, in addition to cocktails, coffee and local food, “light bar” that is on Southeast Morrison Street Portland  also provide light and color therapy to help Portland residents against winter depression. When using a laptop or chatting with friends, customers can free experience different light treatments. One side of walls where the colored LED lights was installed will illuminate the entire space.

Owner Alex Carlson said: “I ​​noticed that the light and color are very lack of every winter here.” Carlson began operating the “light bar” from June this year, but in fact he had this idea a few years ago. This “light bar” is the first in Portland. “I started pondering the idea, many people said to me: ‘In Portland, we need such  thing,'” Carlson said.

LED light

LED light therapy help against seasonal depression

Albert Louis who is the psychology professor of Medical University of Oregon thought that half of the residents of Portland is suffering the seasonal affective disorder (SAD). ” it seems that the winter depression is the time difference of five months needing to be back every year,” Louis said. He believes that the SAD is related to the shortening daylight hours and a lack of vitamin D. The SAD symptoms include lethargy, drowsiness, and increased food intake.

Carlson said he himself suffers from the winter depression, which is a mild SAD. “Many people are suffering from winter depression, but they themselves are not aware of,” Carlson said.

This light therapy “Light Bar” provides can place people under the illumination similar to daylight to help fight the seasonal depression. Carlson said the “light bar” with light therapy has also provided additional interaction services. Currently, the “light bar” has attracted a lot of customers.

“Now raining outside, where almost all filled,” Tuesday afternoon, Carlson said, “it feels bright and pleasing – I personally feel very helpful.”

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