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The spy photos of latest Audi A8 :the matrix LED headlamps is mostly attracting

Recently, Audi announced the facelift notice figure of the Audi A8, none other than the most eye-catching innovative matrix LED headlamps, the car will also be officially released on the 21st this month.

new Audi A8 Matrix LED headlamps 1

Coming detailed map of new Audi A8 Matrix LED headlamps

new Audi A8 Matrix LED headlamps 2

Coming detailed effect map of new Audi A8 Matrix LED headlamps

New A8 is equipped with a matrix-type LED headlamps which is constituted by 25pcs LED lights particles,opening and closing of LED light can be intelligently controlled by the light particle sensor so that provide the drivers with the best road lighting, on the one hand it can also turn off the light that is emitted from oncoming vehicle and interference with the driver’s view to meet best lighting needs in the different road conditions

new Audi A8 Matrix LED headlamps 3

The new spy photo of A8 tested on the road  before the exposure

In addition, the vehicle will have a new design in the appearance of the bumper, intake grille and exhaust tail pipes, the interior has also been upgraded, and the engine lineup is also slightly adjusted.

The “lamp factory” Audi dubbed by everybody let the world shines once again on the vehicle lighting system, and one week later, we will be able to see the real A8’s facelift

Definitely,using LED headlamps is distinction between the Audi A8 and other cars, which brings unique experience and convenience to the driver, but we can also see that, Audi has been Showing great interested in LED lighting that is environmentally friendly ,obviously, LED lighting has been completely related  to  the manufacturing industry,moreover is connecting to the design, agriculture, medicine, science and technology and other industry to bring our unique visual experience and convenience.

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