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Wonderful Design: Modern LED ring watch supports wireless charging

Though many people use mobile phones to check the time, but we can not without an intuitive time display device. To change that, the smart ring watches tables is designed, which will compete for a large share in the market.

Ring watch 1

Wonderful Design: Modern LED ring watch supports wireless charging

The ring watch is full of contemporary (picture from gizmag)

As its name suggests, the ring watch is equipment worn on the finger to display the time,which is designed by Gusztav Szikszai in 2011 and has not yet put into productio, but it is likely to become a reality in the next few years. The final ring watch is made ​​of inner and outer components of the stainless steel rings ring, the outer ring has three different LED display scale, representing the hours, minutes and seconds.

Ring watch 2

Wonderful Design: Modern LED ring watch supports wireless charging

Ring watch supports wireless charging (images from gizmag)

If the LED is continuously lit, the ring watch will only work for two hours. To improve battery life, the ring watch is in a low power state, no information is displayed, the user only needs to gently turning the outer ring to know the time when, the LED light corresponding to the current time will turn on, this is also user-friendly . In addition, the ring form can take advantage of the Qi wireless charging dock for charged, a full charge takes about two hours, after which the normal life is of one week endurance.

Ring watch 3

Wonderful Design: Modern LED ring table supports wireless charging

And contemporary ring table (picture from gizmag)

The team is currently seeking $ 287,000 fund table to put the ring watch into effect. Ring table is expected to be priced at $ 195, the designers have completed its conceptual model, if carried out successfully, the first batch of products will be delivered to the intended users on April 2014 .

The Ring watch is small and exquisite, which is easy to wear and not lack of contemporary style, such full of creative design and practical features  will give us a better life experience.obviously, LED lighting has been completely and closely linked to  the design to bring us unique visual experience and convenience.

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