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The U.S. Elation Professional has released Protron LED flash

Recently, the U.S. Elation Professional has released Protron LED flash, which is a super power LED flash and fitted in the traditional PAR light box . Elation Professional company official said that the lamps applied 576pcs white 6500KLED diodes , providing 28,000 lumens of output , its unparalleled brightness and strobe effect is impressive.

Based on its strong flash effect , Protron LED Strobe flash is divided into four ” regions ” in order to create a seductive effect. A rugged die-cast aluminum case makes that the LED diode can be full light output , and can be cast light or spectators lights. Its rated protection class is IP65, which can withstand rain and other harsh conditions , making it is ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

LED flash

Elation release 28000lm LED flash

Whether lighting stage , concerts or night clubs , or building or scenic or recreational or any type of entertainment or architectural elements , this versatile device ” in addition to providing light output , but will also provide compelling light field “, the Elation company’s stakeholders said . “These characteristics and durability PAR lamps light box makes ProtronLEDStrobe naturally instead of the traditional PAR lamps or daylight flood lamps, what they provide is much more than the simple flash effect , ” said the company’s stakeholders .

As PAR lamp / LED flood light used , Protron LED Strobe flash can become a white 120 °lamps whose face is open, due to their longer service life and energy-efficient LED (the maximum power is 150W), so it does not require maintenance and cost-effective to operate . In addition , the lamps also passed the European CE certification and the Americas cETLus , which can be installed in any type of venues , very safe , no need to worry .

“Because Protron LED Strobe flash appeared , Elation company offers a multi-functional lighting , but what this luminaire provide is much more than a simple flash effect ,” Elation Professional ‘s sales directorEricLoader said. ” One of the trends in today’s large-scale industrial development is the lamps that is versatile and can meet a variety of purposes to provide users with greater value . Protron LED Strobe Flash is such a product just because it is in addition to providing a high output external. It can also substitute PAR lamps to use in indoor and outdoor , and also offers more features . ”

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