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How to distinguish the quality of the LED ceiling light

Although the brand of the current domestic LED ceiling light is more, the overall strength are of different level, however, many of them are high-quality LED Ceiling light brands. So which LED ceiling light is good , how to buy it , we can consider from the following aspects.

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1.Inspect the lamp radiator :

the speed of lamp bead disposing the heat determines the lumen level and service life of the entire lamp. The  Lamp beads work for a long time under the high temperature, the light fades quickly , the life is very short , but the ceiling light whose brightness is too bad would not achieve accent lighting effects.

For the solution of the LED ceiling radiator, the mainstream is integral heat sink, there is a lamp beads pulsing a single cooling column, there is a additional fan.

More recognized way of the current user is a single lamp beads pulsing a cooling column. In this way, the column quickly circulate the heat generated by each lamp beads out to ensure timely disposing the heat . The overall heat sink is that pass the heat all the light beads generate to the aluminum plate, and then through the radiator circulating , cooling at a slower pace .

The size of the radiator and the quality of aluminum affects the speed of cooling , but also affect the price of the whole lamp .

2.inspecting the lighting power ( commonly known as the transformer ) :

the quality of transformer also determines the entire life of the lamp , there is no problem with the lamp beads using more than 30,000 hours, but if the transformer is broken , then the whole lamp will can not be lightened up. the electronic components , the design the transformers use determines the efficiency of the transformer , power factor, stability, temperature rise , life.

If we do not understand the knowledge of the components , we can initially judge from the transformer size, weight, and consulting the electrolytic capacitors using by manufacturer and other aspects. The  price of LED ceiling light is different , the quality of the transformer accounts for no small proportion .

3.Understanding of the brand and packaging of the lamp beads :

The lighting effect of the LED ceiling light depend on the Quality of the lamp beads, the packaging technology affects the quality of lamp beads , cooling and other key factors. LED chips are the United States chips, Taiwan chip , homemade chips. Different brands, the price difference is large, lighting effects are also great differences .

We  can consult the manufacturer to learn the programs of the lamp beads , depending on the extent of the manufacturer’s integrity . Particularly for the low price of the LED ceiling light , a lot produced by using the defective chip on production lines, inconsistent color temperature , brightness difference , life is short, we need to pay attention to .


Concluded by the above points, we can determine how is the quality of the LED Ceiling Light so that buy the ideal product  in the market.

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