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America “Consumer Reports”agency released the report about the best value of the LED bulbs

United States, “Consumer Reports”  institutions jointly the “7 On Your Side” column cooperation recently published the best value report on the LED bulbs. The common 60-watt and 40-watt incandescent bulbs will be discontinued on January 2014, “Consumer Reports” reported that the public does not have to rush to buy a lot for storage use, because a variety of new energy-saving lamp may be better selection.

USA ConsumerReports

America “Consumer Reports” agency released best value report on the LED bulbs

Most American families need about 50 light bulbs for home lighting. “Consumer Reports”, said the specifications of each common incandescent bulbs consume $ 8 electricity per year, or energy-saving bulbs and LED bulbs consume only $ 1.75 annually. Currently, the price of the energy-saving bulbs does not exceed $ 3 in the U.S. market,, while the LED light is of high prices, which is about $ 20-30 . However, due to the performance of energy saving and long life of the LED bulbs, the total savings of each LED bulb is about $ 125 electricity and bulb replacement costs during the life.

“Consumer Reports” thought that the advantages of the LED bulbs compared with energy saving light bulbs is that the life of the LED bulb is 2 times more than the energy-saving light bulbs; the energy-saving light bulbs usually takes 30 seconds or longer to reach full brightness, while the LED bulbs can be instantly achieve full brightness; many LED bulbs can adjust the brightness of all, which most of the energy-saving lamps are unable to achieve .

“Consumer Reports” tested a total of 750 energy-saving lights and LED bulbs, including the warm-up time, light distribution and service life. Testers using a sphere model to measure the brightness and color temperature of the bulbs, nearly all of the respects of the LED bulbs is superior to energy saving lights.

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