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How to pick a really quality iPhone USB cable

Just like other data cable,iPhone data cable is combined with transmitting data and charging, a quality data cable would be damaged when being used for a long time because of inevitably plug and unplug, not to mention the fake one,then how to choose a high-quality iPhone USB cable to extend the use of time as much as possible?

Methods / procedures
1.Try to choose the brand.
The brand usb data cable are always praised by quality although the price tend to be higher than the knock off, do not readily believe inexpensive online, many of which are fakes,if you really have no idea about how to choose,just switch to brand stores.

Generally speaking,quality USB data cable is relatively soft, and those with poor quality are rather hard. Soft data lines are often more durable, and easy to storage, those pretty hard would tend not to be charged or is unable to transmit the data when being used for long time .

When buying a data cable, we can try it and see if its plugs works well, it is pretty difficult to insert the plug into iPhone and easy to damage the slot for those fakes. So do not buy it unless it is very easy to insert.

4.Packaging, and product certification mark and so on.
When buying iPhone USB data cable, most of us are not willing to buy the original because it is too expensive, for those with brand,we shall check whether the package is fine, as well if there is a clear product origin, production date, phone manufacturers, address , certification mark and so on.

5.Careful to buy online.
Now iPhone USB data cable trafficked online is quite cheap, knock off are flooding, we shall look for a regular electricity supplier and be concerned about the price priced at 80% of that of original iPhone cable.

6.Daily use

It is noted that you shall not calls, or play games and watch videos, which would not only make a adverse effects on the charge, but may bring some security problems, particularly for the usb cable with poor quality, the risk of electric shock would occur when you call.

To prolong the lifespan of the phone socket, do not plug and unplug the data cable and charge the iPhone frequently.

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Article from http://blog.onu-mall.com/index.php/2015/11/23/how-to-pick-up-a-quality-iphone-usb-cable/