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Enjoying the proofs of Apple iPhone 5S dual LED flash

In addition to fingerprinting and A7 processor, another highlight of iPhone 5S is its camera. But surprisingly, the camera iPhone 5S is equipped with is still 8 million pixels.

Although there is no change in the pixels of the camera, but there are still many internal improvements of the iPhone 5S in other areas. Its aperture F/2.4 is expanded from the iPhone 5 to F/2.2, while camera sensor area increased to 1.5 times, which can automatically set the white balance and exposure, providing 15-segment Matrix focus. In addition, the individual pixel of the phone reached an size of 1.5 microns.

iPhone 5S is equipped with True One flash that is cold and warm color LED, upper is white, downer is yellowish, so the next photo’s white balance can be fixed, which greatly improved the image quality. In addition, 5S camera can fastest take 10 pictures per second, support 720P video recording with 120 frames per second,.

In addition to these attractive Specifications Digital, how is the true photographic effect of the iPhone 5S? We are see from the following really making proofs to. In addition to the full resolution of 3264 × 2448 ultra-clear proofs, Apple also released details of the comparison of the two pictures to show the iPhone 5S dual LED flash, a new image stabilization feature.

LED flash 1 LED flash 2 LED flash 3 LED flash 4the photo effect of iPhone 5S dual LED flash

LED flash 5 LED flash 6The contrast between the photo effect of Ture One single flash and dual flash (Right)

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