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The world’s largest concentration of LED lighting industry base—Guangdong China

Every success in the future. For the LED industry in Guangdong China, despite the growth rate of GDP growth is doubled more than the same period during the ” Twelfth Five-Year ” period, but how to achieve sustainable growth of the LED industry and maintain enterprise independent innovation endogenous power, which requires both the “combined” strong support of the government, but also inseparable from the trend that the market establish an effective incentive mechanism to capitalize, the latest news from the Summit Forum organized by Guangdong LED Industry Development on the September 18-” Guangdong LED Industry Operation Monitoring Report compiled in 2013 Q2 ,” was officially released by the Guangdong Semiconductor Lighting Industry joint innovation center. The report shows that the output value of Guangdong LED industry is 125.168 billion yuan on the first half of 2013, an increase is 27.73 percent , LED output growth over 20% is more than in four consecutive years . In addition , export, patent , and many other indicators eye-catching performance .

Guangdong LED industry scale exceeded 120 billion on the first half of 2013

The report shows that, the output value of Guangdong LED industry is 125.168 billion yuan on the first half of 2013 , an increase is 27.73% . Among them, an increase of the lighting , backlight, packaging components that are the traditional advantages of Guangdong LED industry field  respectively is 55.96 percent , 46.63 percent and 37.14 percent , becoming the key and steady expansion of fields on the first half of Guangdong LED. While the industry scale steadily expans, the industrial efficiency steadily accelerates. Preliminary accounts, on the first half of 2013 , Guangdong LED industry is 29.051 billion yuan , an increase is 27.72% . Among them, a quarter of LED industry is 11.263 billion yuan , an increase is 21.09% ; Q2 LED industry is 17.788 billion yuan , an increase is 32.30% , the chain growth has accelerated.

Exports environment has been actively improved, the exports of LED products is over 50 billion

According to the report , the first half of 2013 , Guangdong amounted of the import and export is 554.41 billion U.S. dollars , an increase is 21.2%. Among this, the exports is 316.38 billion U.S. dollars , an increase is 18.2% ; total imports is 238.03 billion U.S. dollars , an increase is25.5%. Guangdong province not only has been the chief position of China’s foreign trade , but also the size and growth rate of imports and exports rank first in the nation’s coastal provinces . Affected by large environmental impact , on the first half of 2013 , the exports of Guangdong LED industry momentum , total export value is 54.089 billion yuan , LED industry sector showed a core component of good growth .

LED patent applications is over forty thousand , which accounted for a quarter of the country

The report shows that there are a total of 43,787 LED patent applications in GuangdongProvince as of the end of June 2013 , accounting for 26.29% of total LED patent applications over the China and 3.90 percent of all of the patent applications in Guangdong . In view of a structural patent applications , as of the end of June 2013 , Guangdong LED lighting industry applied for 9684 invention patents , accounting for 22.12% ; the utility model patents is 24,573 , accounting for 56.12% ; the design patent is 9530 , accounting for 21.76% .

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Location of Dinghu within Guangdong (China)

Location of Dinghu within Guangdong (China) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)