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How to judge the LED tube light

The main features of LED tube is high quality, durable , energy-saving, the adjustment range of projection angle is large , 15W brightness of the LED tube light is equivalent to that of an ordinary 40W fluorescent , resisting high temperature, moistureproof and waterproof , leakproof . Use voltage : 110V, 220V, jacket optional glass or PC material . the head of the lamp is the same as the ordinary fluorescent.

LED Commercial lighting

LED tube light uses the latest LED technology , digital design, saving up to 15% , the light intensity of 12W LED fluorescent is equivalent to 40W fluorescent, the life of the LED tube is 5 times more than that of the fluorescent lamp , almost the maintenance is free , it is no need to always replace the lamp , ballast, starter . Green semiconductor light source , soft light, pure spectrum is conducive to the our eyesight and physical health . 6000K cool white light gives us the cool visual experience, humane illumination differences help to focus and improve efficiency.


The quality of LED tube depends on several aspects

1 what is the chip used by the LED tube light? The chip directly determines the performance of the LED tube, such as color temperature, color rendering.

2, what is the power ? what is the type of power , power factor , anti-surge , EMC? The  Power Supply that is good or bad influence the working status of chips LED fluorescent,

how to choose the LED fluorescent?

3.whethe structure design of the LED tube light is reasonable , the key of the structural design is how the design of heat sink, which reflects that the heat dissipation is good or bad, not good ,after thermal stability, the lamps is of high temperature, leading to the chip is working under high temperature and cause performance degradation .

4 . lens design of the LED tube light, a good lens has the accurate light distribution , the lens whose the optical loss rate is low can reduce the optical loss when the visible light through the lens , which is very important and crucial . More accurate light distribution can ensure us with a minimum of power to achieve the best lighting effects .


In view of the above, we should comprehensively judge to determine a good LED tube light.

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