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Accounting for 2% Chongqing LED lighting retrofit is remarkable

Chongqing City, “Ten thousand lamps ten cities” demonstration project is accelerating, LED lighting retrofit work is of remarkable results. As of the end of August, a total of 31,800 LED lights were adopted as the main city road lighting and night lighting,accounting for 19.5%.

Chongqing LED lighting retrofit

Accounting for 2%  Chongqing LED lighting retrofit is remarkable

The LED street lighting demonstration on Maolin Chongqing Airport Industrial Park Road (picture from Chongqing Municipal Science and Technology Commission)

Chongqing LED lighting renovation project also applied the intelligent management system, which not only can automatically turn on and off the lights under natural light conditions, but also automatically adjust the intensity of light, further enhancing the LED lighting effects,taking advantage of dimmable LED lights improves the energy efficiency, but also can effectively extend the lamp life.

It is understood that ChongqingMunicipality was selected ” Ten thousand lamps ten cities,” semiconductor lighting application engineering implementation of urban in 2009, the total of 25.75 million yuan was funded by state and municipal funded 15.46 million yuan in 2013, meanwhile Chongqing LED semiconductor lighting R & D and demonstration has made considerable progress. To tie in with Chongqing ” Ten thousand lamps ten cities ” two pilot demonstration work, the Chongqing Municipal Science and Technology Commission also timely started the semiconductor lighting industry technology demonstration supporting project in Chongqing and established LED technology support demonstration bases in Beibei District.

Chongqing LED lighting retrofit 1

Accounting for 2%  Chongqing LED lighting retrofit is remarkable

The LED street lighting demonstration on Maolin Chongqing Airport Industrial Park Road (picture from Chongqing Municipal Science and Technology Commission)

Next, Chongqing will achieve development and industrialization of key technology of LED, LED pilot demonstration, city lighting three-pronged to build LED technology support demonstration bases in Chongqing.

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