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How to design the DIY LED gramophone keeping cool and colorful childhood

For the how to use the mobile phone Bluetooth of the Android terminal to control the voice , first discover the Bluetooth devices, and connect it.

LED gramophone 5

Keep cool and colorful childhood DIY LED gramophone

LED gramophone 3

Enter what your said, click the “send” then voice module can make sound . We can also click on male or female to transform the tone of voice .

How to connect the Bluetooth

Here is the Bluetooth connection diagram, first through the GUI interface, click the Connect button to connect the button’s event through hitConnectButton () to issue the connect command , the command ACTION_CONNECT is sent to the back ground services which check the Address Format, and then through initBuletooth Device to call BlueTooth Library to initialize the Bluetooth connection. When the Bluetooth connection library is back,the Background Service started connecting thread and then turn on the Bluetooth connection socket, when returning socket,connection management start socket. Then Background Service return to the GUI commands ACTION_CONNECTED, indicating that the connection is successful. Meawhile through the update ButtonState () to update the screen display state.

LED gramophone 4

Keep cool and colorful childhood DIY LED gramophone

Data format generated code :

LED gramophone 6

The following is the structure of data frame the android phone sends to the sound module. The following code is such a data format how to use the android java code to generate. After debugging the sound module,the GBK encoding format is the data that is currently able to accept , so we used message.getBytes (“GBK”) to generate the encoding format. Msg_byte_len is the total length of the data frame , byteHead stands for the header , byteLen represents data area length , byteType is on behalf of the command word and command parameters , then these data combined in destArray is sent to the sound module , the voice is OK.

Little debugging, the phonograph is basically able to work. The most challenging for us is the third function – network message function , test was also successfully tested by using the API of the Webchat. When it is given to others as a gift, we can also access it in the later day , you mustn’t disappointed at the advertisement designed : each love deserves each gift, every gift should be continuously blessings.

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