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How to choose a quality USB data cable

Many features of the phone must be synchronized with the phone USB cable and computer software. Therefore, a good USB cable is pretty useful for a phone. Well, how to choose a quality one?Just follow onu-mall.

Methods / procedures
1.Data USB calbe quality
Since the quality of USB data cable are closely related to mobile phone functions , so choosing a high quality USB cable is definitely important. You should pay attention to the following three aspects:
Production process: the production process of the USB data cable on the market could be divided into the following: the first are those made by a small workshop and put together by the plastic; the second are those with hard plastic shell as the materials welded by heat; the third is to use plastic mixing rubber material tightly pressed via the machine. It is quite easy to distinguish through the weight and the welding gap , for the USB cable with plastic mixing rubber pressed,the interface and wires are pressed together,that’s why the tensile strength extended is much stronger than the others,which contributes to extend the lifespan of the data cable and the makes protective effect to the controller chip.

2. Wire material: different data cable varies thickness, length, just switch to those with thick diameter non-reflective surface and long enough. The thicker the wire,the better the feature of its high tensile strength extension, which is subject to protect the pairs of copper wire; The worse the smooth performance, the more rubber components the USB data cable use, such data cable is good at elasticity, anti-aging and is difficult to break.

3. The interface: for the 8210/8250 phone data cable currently available on the market, there are three types of interfaces. Although these three types of interfaces can be used on the Nokia 8210/8250 phones, but there is a huge difference between their performance.

4. Control chips: All phone lines are controlled using the MAX232 chip, but those with the pinchbeck MAX232 controller chip are circulated,of which the function is the same as of those with real chip, but lifespan is greatly shortened. The quality generally is specially designed with anti-static circuit in case static electricity breakdown the control chip and. Since the control chip is hidden inside the joint, so it is best to differentiate in the materials and the production process according.

5. Pin: the USB data cable are generally divided into non-full pin and needle pin. Although there is no difference in function between both of them, but it is recommended to select full-pin data cable for adjustment limited of the functional definitions of the data cable in future.

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How to pick a really quality iPhone USB cable

Just like other data cable,iPhone data cable is combined with transmitting data and charging, a quality data cable would be damaged when being used for a long time because of inevitably plug and unplug, not to mention the fake one,then how to choose a high-quality iPhone USB cable to extend the use of time as much as possible?

Methods / procedures
1.Try to choose the brand.
The brand usb data cable are always praised by quality although the price tend to be higher than the knock off, do not readily believe inexpensive online, many of which are fakes,if you really have no idea about how to choose,just switch to brand stores.

Generally speaking,quality USB data cable is relatively soft, and those with poor quality are rather hard. Soft data lines are often more durable, and easy to storage, those pretty hard would tend not to be charged or is unable to transmit the data when being used for long time .

When buying a data cable, we can try it and see if its plugs works well, it is pretty difficult to insert the plug into iPhone and easy to damage the slot for those fakes. So do not buy it unless it is very easy to insert.

4.Packaging, and product certification mark and so on.
When buying iPhone USB data cable, most of us are not willing to buy the original because it is too expensive, for those with brand,we shall check whether the package is fine, as well if there is a clear product origin, production date, phone manufacturers, address , certification mark and so on.

5.Careful to buy online.
Now iPhone USB data cable trafficked online is quite cheap, knock off are flooding, we shall look for a regular electricity supplier and be concerned about the price priced at 80% of that of original iPhone cable.

6.Daily use

It is noted that you shall not calls, or play games and watch videos, which would not only make a adverse effects on the charge, but may bring some security problems, particularly for the usb cable with poor quality, the risk of electric shock would occur when you call.

To prolong the lifespan of the phone socket, do not plug and unplug the data cable and charge the iPhone frequently.

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How to choose the phone USB cable

Along with the phone transforms from call to exchange data, multimedia communications, wireless transmission etc, phone USB cable as a necessary accessory and gadget is increasingly important. While, there is not a unified standard brand on the market and the phone USB cable are mixed, not to mention the consumers who do not know how to choose.

Definitely, how to choose the phone USB cable is based on how you know about it. Seemingly simple data communications products actually contain a collection of hardware and software, and its role is similar to a mobile phone circuit board. There is no doubt that a high-quality data cable can play a potential functional, while the poor may even damage your phone. The common standard phone USB cable currently on the market are mainly MBUS, FBUS, FBUS + MBUS. MBUS standard data transfer rate is 9.6Kbp / s, which are mainly used for maintenance, unlock, root; the data transfer rate of FBUS standard data cable is 115.2Kbp / s, mainly for wireless Internet access, ringtones, pictures, Transfer games; and FBUS + MBUS data cable is standard with the features and functions of these two standard data cables.Then i will introduce how to choose.
First of all,check the appearance of the data cable. The surface of good data cable is not smooth, the length is at least 100cm, the color of both ends of the interface shell are self, injection molding, there is no welded joints; in addition, pinching the data cable, it is soft.

Second,check its internal structure. The chip of data cables are different as the chip data lines supported by the phone is not the same, definitely,how the data cable is linked with how the chip is, there must be ship matched with the mobile phone. In addition to having a high-quality chips, the technological manufacturing should be well. Because the internal structure of the data cable is encapsulated inside the interface, so the most direct and effective way is to choose according to brand, price and conditions, then try to buy the original product.
Third,how it match with the software. This mainly refers to the applications computer data cable support. Especially for the color screen phone, only the specified data line can use the supporting software. Besides,for some of the data lines, only the original or those in accordance with the original specifications can match with corresponding supporting software. So how it match with your software can also distinguish substandard products, because of the increasingly fierce competition in the mobile phone market, some manufacturers do not scheduled to launch computer software or phone data cables. Therefore, not all of the phone data lines have to match with original software. So for consumers, you must first determine what function the software has and then buy the matching phone data cable to really enjoy the fun of the phone data USB cables.

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