How to install the LED ceiling light

LED ceiling light is the light embedded into the ceiling, of which the light beam is down. And it contributes to the consistent and artistic perfection of the indoor environment. Its biggest feature is that it installed adhere the perfect unanimity , the strengths of the layout is using the LED ceiling light to express the internal decoration of the construction, LED light source does not reveal and affect the eye and skin,there are tenth tips must be followed!

Commercial LED lighting

1 because the force situation of the ceiling ,ceiling trellis ( such as general wood, robust wood , lime gypsum board , lime coating cement, ceiling composed of papaya , etc. ) is not the same, so the screws need to be used when installing the lamps under some conditions.

2 Because the lighting is generally heavy, when mounting, please tell associated engineering personnel ( eg electrician ) ,lengthening and reinforcing forcing screw and corresponding screws on the basis of the hardness of smallpox and the of the stress situation.

3.LED ceiling light attributes to the electrical goods , the experience and related and professional electrician master help install to prevent the unnecessary accidents. Make sure the LED ceiling light is qualify before installing.

4 the entire circuit must be viewed against to prevent the leakage and damage to the personal safety before LED ceiling light is installed , looking for a professional electrician to mount , don’t privately install.

5 . Make sure the operating voltage of the lamp, especially when connecting the lamp to the electricity , the wrong voltage lamps can lead to the permanent damage .

6 the LED ceiling light mustn’t be installed wherever full of the heat and hot steam and corrosive gases , in case of the life expectancy shortened.

7 the power supply should be cut off and the switch must be turn off to prevent electric shock, check whether the hole of the lamp meet demand with – meanwhile inspecting whether the connected terminals and power input cable is firm, if loose, please tighten, otherwise the lamps can not normally lit; inspect whether the surface of fixtures is flat and fit the devices, if any gap ,please make the appropriate adjustment.
Packaging Standard : Inner packing: small carton / Single Packing: carton / 12 transport,
Storage requirements : LED Downlight must be packaged with the carton , the severe mechanical shock and exposure to rain are not allowed during the transiting and do not touch the bulb appearance . Try not install wherever there is the heat and corrosive gases !
8 .for the LED ceiling lights working at the normal pressure (110V/220V) , the electricity shall not be frequently cut .

9 drilling the holes on mall according to the scale of the mounting demanded , the power cord is connected to the lamp terminals, pay attention to the positive and negative . Checking the Wiring end device is correct, put up the stretched spring card, pierce the hole of the lamp along with light body , forced upward from the top , LED ceiling light can be proactively embedded into . Power , lighting can normally operate.

10 Additional :where to install the LED ceiling light must be wide place where there is no sensation , no shaking, no fire, pay attention to prevent high-altitude fall, hard objects knocking, knocking . placed in dry and ventilated place if not being used for long time !

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