The LED lighting industry is steadily recoverying and increasingly developing in Guangdong

Over 270,000 LED street lights and LED tunnel lights are bided in Guangdong province

The report shows that the total 272,690 LED street lights and LED tunnel light are tendered as the end of June 2013 in the Guangdong Province, there are the total of 11 cites where the number of tender are over ten thousand, the top three are in Huizhou , Dongguan and Shenzhen .Among them, the number of LED street light and LED tunnel light tendered are 38,360 on the first half of this year in Huizhou, accounting for 14.07% of total tender ; Dongguan tender29,529 LED street and tunnel lights on the half of this year , accounting for 10.83% of the total tender ; there are 28482 LED street and tunnel light tendered in Shenzhen, accounting for 10.44% of the total bid .

Steady recovery in the market , the market is expected to continue to strengthen the economy

According to the report , the climate index of Guangdong LED industry was 125.2 in 2013 Q2 , significantly higher than the 100 boom threshold , industrial operation is in the booming region , reflecting the industrial economy in a good mood,which reflects that the current state of the economy ‘s current industry climate index is 119.5 and the anticipation of the expected climate index of the next boom industry is 129.0, which are higher than the critical point. In view of the level of corporate profits l, 79.3% of companies said the earnings at second quarter were flat or better than the previous quarter ; as far as the product sales situation is concerned, 84.6% of companies said second quarter product sales were flat or better than the previous quarter , while 82.9% of the enterprises expected next quarter product sales were better than the current quarter .

According to Sui Sai Wing who is the report publisher and the Director of Guangdong Province semiconductor lighting industry Joint Innovation Center introduced why Guangdong LED industry has been able to get such rapid development in recent years because that the LED industry has been clarified as the one of the three most important breakthrough of the development of strategic emerging industries by the Guangdong provincial government, while better taking advantage of new policies of the LED industry the state promote innovation and foster preferential policies of the new industries,while actively boosting the polices that support the introduction of the LED industry. In the first half of this year , in the content of the overall smooth running of the national economy ,steady progress of structural adjustment , transformation and upgrading to mention the quality of the steady, Guangdong LED industry also showed a stable development momentum to the good . Along with the development of LED industry increasingly matures, the future development of the whole of Guangdong LED industry will transit from the explosive growth in the past to rational growth phase,the development quality of the industrial is expected to continuously improve. In the first half of the year,the high-power LED automatic no eutectic gold wire machine, photoelectric integration module and a number of cutting-edge technology have been developed and broken through by Guangdong enterprises, patents, technology breakthroughs and continuous investment for provides the continued development Guangdong LED industry in future with the ample power . With the future of the third generation of semiconductor material widely used, the development of LED industry prospects will be even brighter in the future.

Meanwhile,there are a large number of manufacturers specializing in developing and producing LED road light over the world, lead lighting is one of them,Lead lighting has been continuing to strengthen the use of certified raw materials such as  LED chips, LED drivers, heat sinks, shell, etc., and improve R & D and production team, striving to adopt the best materials and technology to produce best quality LED flood light, LED tunnel light,LED street light, LED tube light and other indoor and outdoor lighting, using highly integrated high-brightness COB as the light source of the  LED Flood light and LED tunnel light and other outdoor lighting,adopting high brightness SMD LED as the light source of the LED tube light, the low-voltage constant current driver ensure the alternating current can be convert into direct current so that improve the energy use and reduces the stroboscopic effect stimulating the human eye, fully guarantee octahedron illuminated area of LED flood lights and bright light to adapt to outdoor open environment ,the soft and bright light of the LED tunnel light and LED street light and LED tube light makes us safe driving in tunnels and enjoy work and study.As an ISO 9001:2000-certified factory,the lead lighting can meet the strict standards of CE, RoHS, FCC certificate, these strict producing standards guarantee our products distribute smoothly both in domestic and international markets.Visit to Learn more vivid and specific characteristics of the LED tube light or click  for more detailed and professional features and uses of the LED tunnel light or return the homepage to know about  more affordable and qualify LED light.

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English: LED street light beam pattern.

English: LED street light beam pattern. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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