Parsing the effect of the iPhone 5S dual LED flash

iPhone5S and iPhone5C were unveiled at Apple’s autumn conference on September 10, as Apple’s annual flagship device, although iPhone5S is still equipped with 4-inch screen, but it is obvious that the specifications and performance of the hardware have been improved, the world’s first 64-bit A7 processor is of twice performance over the A6, while the fingerprint recognition feature also let people amazing. However, careful friends must find that the iPhone5S is equipped with a dual LED flash, although still 8 million pixel camera, but the sensor and aperture have been improved. the photo proofs of the iPhone5S announced at the Conference can be obviously found that the image quality of the iPhone5S has been greatly improved as compared with the iPhone5, then this what role LED flash played in? We continue to understand.

Parsing the effect of the iPhone 5S dual LED flash

iPhone5S dual LED flash

iPhone5S dual LED flash obtain accurate color balance

Apple’s official website said: “not prepared to continue to increase the camera’s effective pixels, because the larger pixel area can output better pictures.” iPhone5S with dual LED flash, one is white, the other is the warm light, by combination of both is to get the correct color balance, while the software will automatically give the fill light according to the scene matching with the heating and cold light. the “zombie” camera,Apple has been criticized has been an overall improvement.

Parsing iPhone 5S dual LED flash effect

The camera aperture of IPhone5S

The camera aperture of IPhone5S upgraded to F/2.2

iPhone5S camera is designed as the camera that is more fit to shoot the actual use, the effective area of the sensor has increases by 15%. “A new, five lens” is created by Apple,the aperture is F2.2. Apple did not blindly upgrade pixel, instead of using a greater pixel density to improve image quality, the pixel size is1.5 microns, and the re-customized iOS7 also conducted in-depth improvements on the camera algorithm. In addition, the Slo-Mo-lapse photography function can capture 120FPS 720p HD video. When you take pictures,the phone has already taken a lot of photos and picked out the best one.

Apparently,for the lighting experience,using dual LED flash is also very clear distinction between the IPhone and other mobile phone, which brings unique experience and convince to the user, but we can also see that, LED lighting that is environmentally friendly has been favored by IPhone,obviously, LED lighting has been completely and closely linked to communications electronics industry,moreover LED lighting not only perfectly combine with the electronics and mobile phones, but also connect to the design, agriculture, medicine, science and technology and other industry to bring our unique visual experience and convenience.

Nowadays,the LED floodlight and LED tube light are the most widely used as the representatives of the decorative lighting and the home lighting in daily life,the LED tube light enjoys a great popularity in our corridor, restaurants, shopping, leisure and entertainment, galleries, exhibition halls and other indoor environments everywhere, the LED floodlight is mainly used in city squares, parks, stadiums, the facades of large commercial buildings and hotel, stage, waiting rooms, airports etc. where the higher brightness is needed to illuminate,meanwhile,there a large number of factory engaging in developing and producing the LED light,Lead Lighting is just one of them,which adopts high brightness SMD as the light source of the LED tube and highly integrated and high brightness COB as the light source of the LED floodlight so that fully guaranteed stable and soft light of the LED tube light and octahedron breadth and brightness irradiation range of the LED floodlight, while low voltage constant current driver ensure the AC can be converted into the DC to improve energy efficiency of the LED tube light and LED floodlight and reduce the waste heat energy and stroboscopic effect exciting the human eye, the most important is that the LED lighting without adding mercury and other heavy metals harmful to our body and pollution the environment, that’s why the LED light is Known as energy-saving and environmental protection. Login to learn more features and uses of the LED tube light and surf  to know more awesome LED floodlight and other LED lighting.

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