Wonderful design: Misfit Shine is most fashionable logger

Misfit company released a product used to track the sports called Misfit Shine last year, the product is now becoming a reality, beginning with its portable small stature bring us a different technology experience.
Misfit Shine data synchronization (picture from WIRED)
Misfit Shine are made of metal production as a whole, the entire design is like a metal dial. While the small size, but it can trace the wearer’s walking, running data. In addition, Misfit Shine also has a waterproof feature, allowing users to record data while swimming, when wearing, do not worry the impact of rain and other liquids.
Similar to Nike and Jawbone Up wristbands, Misfit Shine can record users daily physical activity and calorie consumption conditions in real time, and in accordance with the timeline to create a complete workout archive. After the users enter their age, sex, weight and height, Misfit Shine will recommend a daily exercise goals.
 Misfit Shine watch mode (picture from WIRED)
Although powerful, but Misfit Shine operation is very simple. There is not physical buttons, nor data line interface, the user simply pastes Misfit Shine on the iPhone screen to complete the synchronization of data.
Misfit Shine has 12 built-in LED lights, as well as 1560 hole etched by the laser. Besides roughly display the time ,the users also can tap the surface of the device to see the completion percentage of daily moving target. In addition, Misfit Shine use a common button battery, each battery can be used for four months, which eliminates the trouble of the need for frequent charging.
Misfit Shine (Photos from WIRED)
The design of Misfit Shine won the 2013 red dot design award, the product comes with a buckle, rubber belt, leather belt and necklace accessory, the user can according to their needs to put it worn on the wrist, neck, or even hanging on clothes. Currently Misfit Shine sells for $ 119.95 (about 735 yuan).

This is not the first the Motion tracking products  arise, but there are still many advantages Misfit Shine exist. Battery prolonged use and good waterproof performance provide the users with more ways to use, the design of displaying the time also makes it a stylish belongings. Meanwhile, the built-in LED lighting makes add more color, which let the user become the focus of crowd.

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