The LED Light Conversion ecological glass significantly promote our green life

Handan enterprise which is in Handan that is the second largest city in Hebei prince,China demonstrated the ” domestic plant factory” that is made ​​of the LED turn light eco-glass on the 21st August 2013, even the light can’t be seen around the year at home,all kinds of flowers, vegetables also can be normally grown indoor.
Plant photosynthesis, require specific wavelength red light and blue light, the complement light source of the traditional high pressure sodium does not match the spectrum of photosynthesis,high energy consumption, the light source that is 660 nm wavelength and able to promotes the plant high efficiently grow is very scarce.
LED Light Conversion ecological glass (picture from Opper Group)
LED Light Conversion ecological glass consists of three parts, the top is daylighting surface that is the ordinary glass; the middle is cavity, which is arranged with the LED chip that can be used as supplementary sources; the bottom is turn glossy, coated with pink rare conversion materials. LED Light Conversion ecological glass can convert the sunlight or LED lighting in laminated into blue and red to meet the needs of different plants.
Having this magic glass, we are no longer consider whether the light is adequate in the home balcony, kitchen and so anywhere , we can open a “family farm”, casually planting their favorite vegetables, fruits, herbs or valuable agricultural plants.


LED Light Conversion ecological glass reduce plant growth cycle, improves that plant growth rate and survival rate is 50% or more by adjusting the LED light and the conversion function of the sunlight light spectrum, while you can save energy so that better use the resources.

The LED light has been applied to the agriculture,which proves that the lighting characteristics of the Semiconductor and practical performance of the LED light has perfectly matched with the agriculture that is closely related to our daily life . Indeed,the LED light as the third generation of energy saving lighting, in addition to present the unique design to associates with the agriculture , but also combine with medicine, art, technology and many other areas to bring us the extraordinary experience and more convenient. Nowadays,the LED flood light and LED tube light is most widely used as the representatives of the home lighting and decorative lighting in daily life,the LED tube light enjoys a great popularity in our corridor, restaurants, shopping,  galleries, exhibition halls and other indoor environments, the LED flood light is mainly used in city squares, parks, stadiums, the facades of large commercial buildings and hotel, stage, waiting rooms, airports etc. where the higher brightness need lighting is needed to illuminate.Meanwhile,there are a large number of manufacturer engaging in manufacturing and researching the LED light,of which the lead lighting is just one,lead Lighting adopts high brightness SMD as the light source of the LED tube and highly integrated and high brightness COB as the light source of the LED flood light, which fully guaranteed stability and soft light of the LED tube light and octahedron breadth and brightness irradiation range of the LED flood light, while the low voltage constant current driver convert the AC  into DC so that improve energy efficiency of the LED tube light and LED flood light and reduce the waste heat energy and stroboscopic effect exciting the human eye, the most important is that the LED lighting wthout adding mercury and other heavy metals harmful to our body and pollution the environment, that’s why the LED light is famous for energy-saving and environmental protection ,login to learn more features and uses of the LED tube light and surf to know more awesome LED floodlights and other LED lighting.

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