What‘s the next notes when designing the LED tube light

1,the  relationship among the series and parallel of the LED and PFC power factor and wide voltage:
there are three cases of the PFC power on the market,: one is a non-dedicated circuit PFC, the PFC is generally about 0.65; the other is PFC circuit with passive, the light board well matches, PFC is usually about 0.92; the other is made of 7527/6561 circuit with active, PFC can reach 0.99, but the cost of this program is twice as expensive as the second option. So the second option is more. For passive PFC circuit: which is also called valley-fill PFC circuit, the operating voltage range of AC input voltage is half of the peak. If the input is 180V, the peak is 180 * 1.414 = 254V, half of the peak voltage is 127V, which minus 30V that is the differential pressure buck, its maximum output is 90V, so the number of series LED lamp is up to 28 strings. Therefore, in order to obtain relatively large power factor, lamp beads series number is not too much, otherwise, it can not reach the low voltage requirements.
2, the current precision:
There are some power supply whose precision constant current is too bad on the market, such as the PT4107/HV9910/BP2808/SMD802 programs constant solutions that is popular in the market, error is ± 8% or ± 10%, constant error is too large. it generally require± 3%.As the 3% margin of error, 6-way parallel, each of the error is about ± 0.5%, if it is 12-way parallel, each of the error is about ± 0.25%, the accuracy is sufficient. High precision, the cost will be greatly increased. And for the LED, 17 mA and 17.5 mA have little impact.
3, isolation / non-isolation:
Generally speaking,the isolated power supply is made into 15W, which is placed inside the LED tube light, the volume of transformer is large, it is difficult to put. Especially for T6/T8 lamp, almost impossible, so the general isolation can be made into 15W, the few is more than 15W, and the price is very expensive. Therefore, the cost performance of the isolation is not high, more non-isolated is generally mainstream, the volume can be made into smaller, the minimum height 8 mm can be done, in fact, the safety measures of non-isolated is well done, it is not problematic.
4, the power efficiency:
Output power (output LED voltage * Output Current) / input power. This parameter is particularly important if the efficiency is low,which means that a large part of the input power is converted into heat that comes out; if it is mounted inside the tube ,there will be a very high temperature produce, combined with our LED light efficiency than that of a distribution of heat, it will produce a higher temperature superposition, as the temperature increases, a the life of all the electronic parts of our internal power supply will be shortened, so the efficiency is the most fundamental factor determining the life of the power,if the efficiency is too low, or too much heat will be consumed on the power supply. Generally above 80% is OK, however, the efficiency has to do with the connection of the light board.
5, Size:

The height is the main limiting factor, the height generally used to tubes T6 / T8 should not be too high, the dimensional requirements is ≤ 9 mm. T10 tube height is ≤ 15 mm. Length can be rather long, so that and it is easier to dissipate heat.

LED manufacturers should know who engage in producing and selling the LED light should master these considerations, for us ordinary consumers, we have to choose a prime quality LED manufacturers.Meanwhile,there are a large number of manufacturers specializing in developing and producing LED light, lead lighting is one of them,Lead lighting has been continuing to strengthen the use of certified raw materials such as  LED chips, LED drivers, heat sinks, shell, etc., and improve R & D and production team, striving to adopt the best materials and technology to produce best quality LED flood light, LED tunnel light, LED tube light and other indoor and outdoor lighting, using highly integrated high-brightness COB as the light source of the  LED Flood light and LED tunnel light and other outdoor lighting,adopting high brightness SMD LED as the light source of the LED tube light, the low-voltage constant current driver ensure the alternating current can be convert into direct current so that improve the energy use and reduces the stroboscopic effect stimulating the human eye, fully guarantee octahedron illuminated area of LED flood lights and bright light to adapt to outdoor open environment ,the soft and bright light of the LED tunnel light and LED tube light makes us safe driving in tunnels and enjoy work and study.As an ISO 9001:2000-certified factory,the lead lighting can meet the strict standards of CE, RoHS, FCC certificate, these strict producing standards guarantee our products distribute smoothly both in domestic and international markets. visit http://www.ledclan.com to Learn more vivid and specific characteristics of the LED tube light or click www.lead-lighting.com/products/bid32-1.htm for more detailed and professional features and uses of the LED tunnel light.

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