Comparison with the performance of the LED light and the cold cathode lamps

1, the contrast between the two theoretical life

LED light source life is 50,000 hours, if the lights is lighted up for five hours a day, the life expectancy is up to 55 years; the life of the cold cathode light is 30,000 hours,lighted up for 5 hours a day,its life is expected to be 16 years.

Conclusions: Both sources require power driver and lamp housing, the life of the existing electronic power and the shell lamp expectancy is10 years, so the actual life of the two lamps should be 10 years.

2, energy (luminous efficiency) compared

Take the luxeon for example: red LED, 44 lm / W; red cold cathode tubes 18 lumens / watt. Green LED, 30 lumens / watt; green cold cathode tubes, 88 lumens / watt.

Conclusion: Red LED lights save more electricity than red cold cathode lamp. Green cold cathode lamps power than the green LED lamps. Similarly lumens, power consumption is only 10% -20% of incandescent lamps, both of which are highly efficient, energy-saving green light.

3, moisture-proof performance comparison

Because LED lighting work in low voltage high current,so the requirements on the moisture resistance are relatively high; since the cold cathode lamps work in the high、small current, its moisture resistance properties particularly good.

Conclusion: the moisture resistance of LED lamps need to be strengthened, the cold cathode lamps are especially suitable for other lights that can not be used wet environments)

4, shock resistance compare

Seismic the performance of the LED lamps is particularly advantageous; the cold cathode light is made of glass, its seismic performance is slightly worse than the LED, but have excellent seismic performance over other types of hot cathode lamps.

Conclusion: Both are earthquake-type lamps, can be used in place where the vibration is relatively strong.

5, beating color contrast

LED light source: can beat, regulator discoloration ;which does not affect the life of the product. Either do the Cold cathode light

Conclusion: Both can be used in where needs a beat changes, the regulator discolored.

6, color contrast

LED light colors: red, green, blue, white, yellow, color. Cold cathode light colors: white, red, pink, orange, pink, colored yellow, bright yellow, milk, yellow, green, green, green, light blue, blue, violet, purple, color.

Conclusion: Both colors are rich, not only can be used as lighting, but also can be used as decorative lighting.

7, the appearance of contrast

LED light source is point-like, it can also be connected as the line or surface and designed for a large-scale, the lighting appearance is abundant. the shape of the Cold cathode light source itself affects the appearance of the entire lighting aesthetics.

Conclusion: LED lamps as the light source can be designed for larger scale.

8, underwater work performance:

LED lamps are generally low lighting, it is safe to work  underwater and widely used as underwater lights, buried lights. Cold cathode lamps are generally high-voltage input, or the ground and underwater is not suitable for work.

English: Dropped ceiling equipped with 3000K L...

English: Dropped ceiling equipped with 3000K LED lighting (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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