Wonderful design: LED flashlight use hand heat to glow

Many people have such unpleasant experience: When you need a flashlight, which can be found but we can not find the battery to light it, if without the help of a flashlight battery to emit light, then the problem can be well solved.

Ann Marco Brzezinski (picture from therebelution)

Recently, from Canada, a 15-year-old girl Ann Marco Brzezinski (Ann Makosinski) invented an eco-friendly flashlight, which can emit light without using batteries.

The flashlight takes advantage of the thermoelectric effect to work and depends on the heat of user’s hand and the environmental temperature to produce electricity. Led scientists suspect that the human body can produce enough heat to maintain the flashlight battery, the latest flashlight the girl design did not use full of the body heat, only palm heat.


Ann Marco Brzezinski and LED flashlight she invented (picture from therebelution)

LED light make this flashlight easier, she measured that the palm heat can generate about 57 milliwatts power, LED lights need to maintain about 0.5 mW power, the light flashlight release is very soft, but it is enough to find your keys or illuminate a book page.

It is reported that if the Google Science Fair Jury appreciate this invention, it is expected to grant its super Invention Award.

The flashlight Ann Marco Shinseki invented utilizes thermoelectric effect and also benefits from the low-power LED lights to work better. By eliminating the need to replace the battery, this flashlight bring us convenience in lighting and also reduce environmental pollution, we also hope that it will be start mass-produced as soon as possible. Meanwhile, we found that LED lighting increasingly close ties with life, LED lighting because of semiconductor lighting, in addition to saves energy and reduce more environmental pollution, and energy-saving than traditional fluorescent lamps,what more obvious advantages is better integrate technology, arts, medicine, agriculture and other fields and constantly innovate to give us odd experiences and convenient services, and now LED lighting as outdoor decorative lighting has been enjoying a great popularity, such as LED flood light due to Octagon irradiation area and soft light, high brightness, energy saving and environmental protection, waterproof, dustproof, resist-shock, and long service life greatly saves manpower and resources, it has been bringing us better lighting experience in city squares, stadiums, parks, railway stations, airports, artificial fountains, the facades of large commercial building and hotel and other outdoor venues Lead lighting adopts high-quality integrated COB LED as source and the low-voltage constant current as driver to ensure the alternating current is converted into direct current, while greatly improving the utilization and ensure the light is soft and non-glare, log in http://www.lead-lighting.com to experience more enjoyment the professional LED lighting brings.

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