How to uniformly distribute the LED energy to form a uniform illumination

As LED technology continues to progress, the white LED technology is getting more mature, LED’s advantages is more obvious, which will become the fourth-generation light source after the flames, incandescent, fluorescent, the point of view has been widely recognized. But the LED due to its exceptional Lambertian light distribution characteristics, resulting in a great waste of light in the popularization ,the distribution of LED light intensity is shown in Figure 1. How to uniformly distribute the LED energy to form a uniform illumination on the lighting surface so that achieve the advantages of maximizing LED energy, which has been a difficult problem.

When we designed Uniform illumination in the past, we used many different methods, such as square rod (integrator rod), fly’s eye lens and so on. However, these optical systems have many shortcomings, square bar lighting system through square bar multiple reflections will cause energy loss,when the fly’s eye lens through the lens,which can also cause energy loss, thus reducing the utilization of solar energy .

LED light-emitting characteristics limit its own application in the lighting field, how to LED reasonably distribute energy to form an ideal surface illumination is a problem worthy of study. How to design optical to analysis in the different applications, by using the optical Spreading conservation of non-imaging optical design to obtain lens equations so that respectively achieve circular uniform illumination and rectangular uniform illumination, in which the uniformity of circular illumination illuminance reach 85 %, the uniformity of rectangular lighting illuminance is up to 75% and established the freeform lens three-dimensional model and combined Tracepro raytrace. Simulation results show that: the proposed method meet the appropriate lighting standards and verify that the theoretical design is reasonable.

The lead lighting adopts unique optical design to ensures the illumination uniformity of the rectangle lighting surfaces of the  LED flood light and LED tunnel light and other high power outdoor lighting reach at least 75% to form a uniform illuminance on the lighting surface,which greatly reduces the waste of the light and improves the light’s utilization ratio, login to learn more design philosophy and product characteristics of the LED lighting.

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