China LED home lighting will reach 96 percent growth rate this year

China LED home lighting market grows! Industry research firm estimates, the annual growth rate of Chinese mainland LED home lighting market, which will reach 96% this year and is the most obvious category growth in all LED lighting applications,it is expected that the rise of home market will drive that continent LED lighting is built for competitive key to offense and defense industry.

LED Professional Institute of Statistics, in 2013 Chinese LED lighting market will reach 32.4 billion yuan, the annual growth rate is up to 36%, including the annual growth rate of home lighting market is 96%,  which significantly outperform 24% of commercial lighting and 28% of industrial lighting, as well as46% annual growth rate of outdoor lighting such as the LED flood light, and lead the industry into the era of public access.

Strait LED lighting industry has been actively expanding the path provisioning competition, including the continent’s traditional lighting manufacturer NVC, Op, three male Aurora and Foshan Lighting have engaged in LED lighting, LED packaging factory Everlight, Edison, East Bay also entered the competition to the downstream in Taiwan, in addition to Chinese mainland LED packaging factory Linsen, rectangular lighting also take advantage of manufacturing LED lighting to expand  the market.

According to statistics, the revenue of channel model Chinese LED manufacturers adopt accounted for less than 3 percent in 2012, however, with the popularity of LED lighting products is more widely, the firm’s sales pipeline has not only limited to engineering and export, LED lighting will be the same as traditional light in the future, who have access will own the world.

Considering the strategic of the mainland local traditional lighting brand NVC, Op, three male Aurora and Foshan Lighting in 2012, in order to avoid a direct impact on traditional business, LED lighting products is still account for very low proportion, so line introduction and Investment policies have become more conservative in the LED lighting product.

Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Continental fiery home lighting shows that the LED lighting has officially entered our daily life, following the outdoor lighting,the home lighting has became the second largest LED lighting applications, meanwhile, due to the price of the traditional fluorescent lighting and others is much cheaper than the LED home lighting, The popularity of LED indoor lighting also needs a process, however, LED technology can be perfectly combined with the art of design, technology and other areas to create a more flexible decorative lighting, especially LED floodlights is flourish in outdoor decorative lighting, Lead lighting has been committed to adopt qualified LED chips, heat sinks, drivers, such as Shell and continue to improve R & D and production teams to create a more environmentally friendly and affordable LED indoor and outdoor lighting that adapt to our living environment, log in for more comprehensive professional LED lighting.

1 thought on “China LED home lighting will reach 96 percent growth rate this year

  1. seecol

    China manufacturing led home lighting in low cost when compared to other countries. Now it increased the growth and become a great competitor to who are manufacturing led lights. Because people knew the advantages of led’s and trying to get because of its long life span.


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