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2014 Sixth Wuhan International Green Lighting LED Luminary & Lighting exhibition

Holding period: 2014 Wuhan International Green Building • Livable City Forum

Date: 26-28 March 2014

 Location: Wuhan International Expo Center

Organizers: Wuhan Urban and Rural Construction Committee

Urban road lighting IT Terminus Station, Hubei, Wuhan street Authority

Sponsor: Wuhan Lighting Association, Wuhan City Building Energy Conservation Office, Wuhan vane Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

Co-organizer: Office of Hubei Province, building energy efficiency, Wuhan Engineering Industry Alliance, Wuhan intelligent building special committee

■ Background

Since ” Twelve Five “urban green lighting Plan” ” was implemented by the Ministry of Housing, the lighting industry is developing rapidly across the country. The construction output entered the trillion club in 2012in Hubei Province, ranking first in the central region; construction industry has become an important pillar industry in Hubei province, Wuhan is a support center city in central China, the lighting must be forward-looking. At present, the Wuhan City seize the “Rise of Central China” strategy, “two-oriented society” as well as 81 big Wuhan city circle construction historic opportunity, which has become a city piloting “city of ten thousand ten” model, LED energy-saving demonstration city circle and the introduced the first national road green lighting plan. “Wuhan City,” Urban crucial “five-year action plan (2012-2016)” will continue generously invest 421.7 billion yuan, to achieve the ability of transportation accessibility and living environment, “two forefront of the country”, in line with the build green buildings in Wuhan, Urban Construction Commission, the city road lighting IT terminus station in Hubei, the city lights Bureau fully supports exhibition platform, continue to hold the Sixth Wuhan International Lighting Exhibition, to cope with the green lighting and election work on lighting products quality in the large building in Wuhan

■ Exhibits

◇ Lighting: Indoor Lighting , commercial lighting, outdoor lighting, municipal lighting, architectural decorative landscape lighting, advertising lighting, stadium lighting, transportation, lighting, stage, film and television lighting, underwater lighting, industrial lighting fixtures, emergency lighting and special purpose lamps, etc.;

◇ city lighting engineering and technical equipment: typical landscape lighting engineering and planning display, pole and street light installation and maintenance equipment, lighting engineering work vehicles, machinery, urban lighting control systems, energy-saving green lighting and related products and technologies; lighting design , lighting, construction, street light monitoring systems, installation techniques and equipment, dedicated electrical substation and lighting control components, etc.;


◇ kinds of electric light source products: the new incandescent and halogen lamps, energy saving lamps, LED lamps, fluorescent lamps, solar lamps, high pressure sodium lamps, mercury lamps, metal halide, high-frequency induction lamp, neon, fiber optic lights, lights, light-emitting diodes etc.;

◇ residential lighting and electrical products: wall switches, sockets, intelligent home lighting systems, exhaust fans, electrical products, breakers, flip-up floor socket, mobile sockets, intelligent home control systems, centralized control panel systems, etc.; architectural LED: Landscape lighting, architectural interior lighting, building exterior lighting, garden lights, street lights, security lights, emergency lighting;

◇ LED light: Outdoor neon manufacture; outdoor laser, animation production; showcase lighting; outdoor advertising media, electronic screen, three sides, video walls, projection technology and equipment; boxes, billboards, three double, signage production; outdoor advertising lighting system, lighting equipment, and the supporting facilities and equipment.

Chinese bells at the Hubei Provincial Museum i...

Chinese bells at the Hubei Provincial Museum in Wuhan, China. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

◇ Other: lighting, special wires and cables, lighting, electrical accessories, parts, spare parts, dimming control equipment and control optical devices, lighting equipment, measuring and testing equipment, lights energy-saving equipment, GIS management systems, lighting certification, journals, magazines, Professional website.

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Comparison with the performance of the LED light and the cold cathode lamps

1, the contrast between the two theoretical life

LED light source life is 50,000 hours, if the lights is lighted up for five hours a day, the life expectancy is up to 55 years; the life of the cold cathode light is 30,000 hours,lighted up for 5 hours a day,its life is expected to be 16 years.

Conclusions: Both sources require power driver and lamp housing, the life of the existing electronic power and the shell lamp expectancy is10 years, so the actual life of the two lamps should be 10 years.

2, energy (luminous efficiency) compared

Take the luxeon for example: red LED, 44 lm / W; red cold cathode tubes 18 lumens / watt. Green LED, 30 lumens / watt; green cold cathode tubes, 88 lumens / watt.

Conclusion: Red LED lights save more electricity than red cold cathode lamp. Green cold cathode lamps power than the green LED lamps. Similarly lumens, power consumption is only 10% -20% of incandescent lamps, both of which are highly efficient, energy-saving green light.

3, moisture-proof performance comparison

Because LED lighting work in low voltage high current,so the requirements on the moisture resistance are relatively high; since the cold cathode lamps work in the high、small current, its moisture resistance properties particularly good.

Conclusion: the moisture resistance of LED lamps need to be strengthened, the cold cathode lamps are especially suitable for other lights that can not be used wet environments)

4, shock resistance compare

Seismic the performance of the LED lamps is particularly advantageous; the cold cathode light is made of glass, its seismic performance is slightly worse than the LED, but have excellent seismic performance over other types of hot cathode lamps.

Conclusion: Both are earthquake-type lamps, can be used in place where the vibration is relatively strong.

5, beating color contrast

LED light source: can beat, regulator discoloration ;which does not affect the life of the product. Either do the Cold cathode light

Conclusion: Both can be used in where needs a beat changes, the regulator discolored.

6, color contrast

LED light colors: red, green, blue, white, yellow, color. Cold cathode light colors: white, red, pink, orange, pink, colored yellow, bright yellow, milk, yellow, green, green, green, light blue, blue, violet, purple, color.

Conclusion: Both colors are rich, not only can be used as lighting, but also can be used as decorative lighting.

7, the appearance of contrast

LED light source is point-like, it can also be connected as the line or surface and designed for a large-scale, the lighting appearance is abundant. the shape of the Cold cathode light source itself affects the appearance of the entire lighting aesthetics.

Conclusion: LED lamps as the light source can be designed for larger scale.

8, underwater work performance:

LED lamps are generally low lighting, it is safe to work  underwater and widely used as underwater lights, buried lights. Cold cathode lamps are generally high-voltage input, or the ground and underwater is not suitable for work.

English: Dropped ceiling equipped with 3000K L...

English: Dropped ceiling equipped with 3000K LED lighting (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Shenzhen Lead Opto-Technology Co. Ltd is a professional manufacturer of  LED lighting, mainly produce  LED High Bay Light, LED Flood Light, LED Panel,LED Ceiling Light etc with OEM&ODM service. As an ISO 9001:2000-certified factory, we can meet the strict standards of CE, RoHS, FCC certificate, these strict producing standards guarantee our products distribute smoothly both in domestic and international markets.Browse for more information about the LED light.

China LED home lighting will reach 96 percent growth rate this year

China LED home lighting market grows! Industry research firm estimates, the annual growth rate of Chinese mainland LED home lighting market, which will reach 96% this year and is the most obvious category growth in all LED lighting applications,it is expected that the rise of home market will drive that continent LED lighting is built for competitive key to offense and defense industry.

LED Professional Institute of Statistics, in 2013 Chinese LED lighting market will reach 32.4 billion yuan, the annual growth rate is up to 36%, including the annual growth rate of home lighting market is 96%,  which significantly outperform 24% of commercial lighting and 28% of industrial lighting, as well as46% annual growth rate of outdoor lighting such as the LED flood light, and lead the industry into the era of public access.

Strait LED lighting industry has been actively expanding the path provisioning competition, including the continent’s traditional lighting manufacturer NVC, Op, three male Aurora and Foshan Lighting have engaged in LED lighting, LED packaging factory Everlight, Edison, East Bay also entered the competition to the downstream in Taiwan, in addition to Chinese mainland LED packaging factory Linsen, rectangular lighting also take advantage of manufacturing LED lighting to expand  the market.

According to statistics, the revenue of channel model Chinese LED manufacturers adopt accounted for less than 3 percent in 2012, however, with the popularity of LED lighting products is more widely, the firm’s sales pipeline has not only limited to engineering and export, LED lighting will be the same as traditional light in the future, who have access will own the world.

Considering the strategic of the mainland local traditional lighting brand NVC, Op, three male Aurora and Foshan Lighting in 2012, in order to avoid a direct impact on traditional business, LED lighting products is still account for very low proportion, so line introduction and Investment policies have become more conservative in the LED lighting product.

Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Continental fiery home lighting shows that the LED lighting has officially entered our daily life, following the outdoor lighting,the home lighting has became the second largest LED lighting applications, meanwhile, due to the price of the traditional fluorescent lighting and others is much cheaper than the LED home lighting, The popularity of LED indoor lighting also needs a process, however, LED technology can be perfectly combined with the art of design, technology and other areas to create a more flexible decorative lighting, especially LED floodlights is flourish in outdoor decorative lighting, Lead lighting has been committed to adopt qualified LED chips, heat sinks, drivers, such as Shell and continue to improve R & D and production teams to create a more environmentally friendly and affordable LED indoor and outdoor lighting that adapt to our living environment, log in for more comprehensive professional LED lighting.

How to uniformly distribute the LED energy to form a uniform illumination

As LED technology continues to progress, the white LED technology is getting more mature, LED’s advantages is more obvious, which will become the fourth-generation light source after the flames, incandescent, fluorescent, the point of view has been widely recognized. But the LED due to its exceptional Lambertian light distribution characteristics, resulting in a great waste of light in the popularization ,the distribution of LED light intensity is shown in Figure 1. How to uniformly distribute the LED energy to form a uniform illumination on the lighting surface so that achieve the advantages of maximizing LED energy, which has been a difficult problem.

When we designed Uniform illumination in the past, we used many different methods, such as square rod (integrator rod), fly’s eye lens and so on. However, these optical systems have many shortcomings, square bar lighting system through square bar multiple reflections will cause energy loss,when the fly’s eye lens through the lens,which can also cause energy loss, thus reducing the utilization of solar energy .

LED light-emitting characteristics limit its own application in the lighting field, how to LED reasonably distribute energy to form an ideal surface illumination is a problem worthy of study. How to design optical to analysis in the different applications, by using the optical Spreading conservation of non-imaging optical design to obtain lens equations so that respectively achieve circular uniform illumination and rectangular uniform illumination, in which the uniformity of circular illumination illuminance reach 85 %, the uniformity of rectangular lighting illuminance is up to 75% and established the freeform lens three-dimensional model and combined Tracepro raytrace. Simulation results show that: the proposed method meet the appropriate lighting standards and verify that the theoretical design is reasonable.

The lead lighting adopts unique optical design to ensures the illumination uniformity of the rectangle lighting surfaces of the  LED flood light and LED tunnel light and other high power outdoor lighting reach at least 75% to form a uniform illuminance on the lighting surface,which greatly reduces the waste of the light and improves the light’s utilization ratio, login to learn more design philosophy and product characteristics of the LED lighting.

Wonderful design: LED flashlight use hand heat to glow

Many people have such unpleasant experience: When you need a flashlight, which can be found but we can not find the battery to light it, if without the help of a flashlight battery to emit light, then the problem can be well solved.

Ann Marco Brzezinski (picture from therebelution)

Recently, from Canada, a 15-year-old girl Ann Marco Brzezinski (Ann Makosinski) invented an eco-friendly flashlight, which can emit light without using batteries.

The flashlight takes advantage of the thermoelectric effect to work and depends on the heat of user’s hand and the environmental temperature to produce electricity. Led scientists suspect that the human body can produce enough heat to maintain the flashlight battery, the latest flashlight the girl design did not use full of the body heat, only palm heat.


Ann Marco Brzezinski and LED flashlight she invented (picture from therebelution)

LED light make this flashlight easier, she measured that the palm heat can generate about 57 milliwatts power, LED lights need to maintain about 0.5 mW power, the light flashlight release is very soft, but it is enough to find your keys or illuminate a book page.

It is reported that if the Google Science Fair Jury appreciate this invention, it is expected to grant its super Invention Award.

The flashlight Ann Marco Shinseki invented utilizes thermoelectric effect and also benefits from the low-power LED lights to work better. By eliminating the need to replace the battery, this flashlight bring us convenience in lighting and also reduce environmental pollution, we also hope that it will be start mass-produced as soon as possible. Meanwhile, we found that LED lighting increasingly close ties with life, LED lighting because of semiconductor lighting, in addition to saves energy and reduce more environmental pollution, and energy-saving than traditional fluorescent lamps,what more obvious advantages is better integrate technology, arts, medicine, agriculture and other fields and constantly innovate to give us odd experiences and convenient services, and now LED lighting as outdoor decorative lighting has been enjoying a great popularity, such as LED flood light due to Octagon irradiation area and soft light, high brightness, energy saving and environmental protection, waterproof, dustproof, resist-shock, and long service life greatly saves manpower and resources, it has been bringing us better lighting experience in city squares, stadiums, parks, railway stations, airports, artificial fountains, the facades of large commercial building and hotel and other outdoor venues Lead lighting adopts high-quality integrated COB LED as source and the low-voltage constant current as driver to ensure the alternating current is converted into direct current, while greatly improving the utilization and ensure the light is soft and non-glare, log in to experience more enjoyment the professional LED lighting brings.