Transformation of 100,000 LED energy-efficient lighting to upgrade Beijing Subway

Beijing Metro departments, said recently 100,000 LED lighting transformation and air conditioning energy saving transformation at 25 stations will be completed in 2015 in Beijing subway, in order to achieve goal that it can saving 10 million degree each year.

Staff replaced LED lighting (Picture from Beijing Subway) 


It is reported that Beijing subway LED lighting retrofit is to achieve Beijing subway saving energy, promote green lighting. Starting in 2005, the Beijing subway began to invest 8.5 billion yuan for the two metro lines of more than 70 devices system transformation.

Currently, Beijing MTR Corporation has already begun to retrofit LED lighting equipment on subway lines and Metro Line, the current construction of “saving Metro” project involve a total of 34 subway stations, 30,000 lighting renovation. After project completed,It is expected energy 4.5 million degree savings will be cut down per years.

Staff replacement LED lighting (Picture from Beijing Subway)  Image

Analysts said that, as a new generation, LED lighting with the salient features of non-polluting energy. LED lighting can save 80% or more energy compared to incandescent, the global has been pressuring on energy conservation, and vigorously promoting LED lighting become one of the main ways to achieve national policy objectives.

Now, seven stage Beijing Subway site is simultaneous constructed,the installment of LED light has been completed on the 1st line Da Wang Road Station and Wing Lane Station, the project including Line 2 Jianguomen station,Fuchengmen Station, Gulou Avenue 5 station  construction, the entire construction plan will fully completed at the end of May.

LED lighting, especially LED flood light has been widely applied to the subway station, parks, stadiums, and other public places lighting, LED lighting, energy saving has been making an outstanding contribution to the earth, we have reason to believe that we work together with professional lighting company to replace the traditional lighting households and step into thousands of households.

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