iPhone5S trial production in June or with dual LED flash

According to the latest news released Japanese media   iPhone 5S will begin trial production in June, the time of its debut is September of this year.

iPhone 5S will provide iSight camera with dual LED fill light and also design with the rear microphone between the camera and the LED lights. The shape of Generation iPhone 5S remained is the same as iPhone 5,

In addition to the previously leaked to the Web site will be three aircraft fuselage color style choices to say, the latest news also shows iPhone 5S will also provide new versions of gold and green, etc., so the future of the aircraft should be more than three body colors optional.     Image

Obviously, LED lights have attracted the world’s leading electronic products Apple’s attention, and why he has so such charm, in fact, he is not only known for their eco-friendliness, and compared with the traditional fluorescent light ,it can greatly reduces the stimulation of human eye,especially LED flood light in the outdoor decorative lighting is acclaimed for its wide brightness by the us, Li Sida photoelectric http://www.lead-lighting.com, with its more leading peer LED lighting technology ,has accounted for a place in the LED lighting market.

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