Intelligent development of LED light embodied in the U.S. International Lighting Fair

American International Lighting Fair (LIGHTFAIR INTERNATIONAL) was successfully held on April 23 to 25 inPhiladelphia. It is organized by the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America, and the International Association of Lighting Design and currently is the largest and most concentrated visitors International Lighting Fair in the United States.
International lighting manufacturers Philips, Osram and General Electric and other companies participated in the exhibition. It is noteworthy that, in addition to OSRAM booth still showed fluorescent and high intensity discharge (HID) lamps, other products are LED lighting products.
American International Lighting Fair (Photos from Philips)
In addition, Japanese and South Korea LED enterprises also actively participated in. Japanese companies are Toshiba, Sharp, Nichia, Citizen, Korean companies including Samsung, LG, etc. Seoul Semiconductor. But these enterprises mainly provide LED devices, not muchlighting products.
Major mainstream of this exhibition is increased intelligent control LED lighting products, which is the future development direction and also has been paid attention to. Intelligence reflects not only the advantages of LED, but also allow lighting to serve better in our lives.LED road light and outdoor power LED flood light shined in novel way there, we can see the light but not source, and installing energy-saving devices on this basis is more energy efficient. Indoor lighting products in the light environment transformation concept is novel and unique, the lamp, grille, High Bay lights, spotlights, lighting lamps, especially the use of diffuse through the mask emitting principle will make lighting products more rational scientific. The light environment way of commercial lighting has been updated light. The most important concept of arrangement promotion “fit” is widely recognized that many commercial lighting lively performance.
Cree vice president of global strategy • Chris James (Chris James) said, LED’s costs will continue to decline, the application of the payback period further shortened to 1-2 years, the market will be further opened, especially LED and architectural decoration materials such as ceiling combined with the IPAD and other electronic product integration will bring a huge market
It is because LED lighting meet energy saving concept and low-carbon environment , widely popular in the world, of course, we need more good LED lighting manufacturer ahead of peers to accomplish. Exactly Li Sida photoelectric offer more affordable prices and excellent quality service to domestic and foreign consumers. It is our common choice.

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