Where is LED lighting applied in daily life

1, building exterior lighting
There is nothing better than the LED flood light whose shape is square or round so that it can control beam angle in projection area of ​​the building, which is exactly the same as the traditional floodlights. However, because of the small, thin LED light source, the development of linear LED projection lamp will undoubtedly become the major attraction, because there is no place to put overhangs traditional floodlight in many of the buildings. It’s easy to install, can also be installed in a vertical level, better integrate with the building surface,it has brought new lighting vocabulary to lighting designers. Nowadays,it has been expanding the creative space and making impact on the modern architecture and historic buildings lighting techniques.
2, Landscape Lighting
The LED light isn’t similar to the sources of traditional lighting which mostly has glass bubble shell, it can well integrated to urban street furniture It can be lighten on recreational space in the city, such as paths, stairs, decks, waterfront, garden for lighting. For flowers or low shrubs, you can use LED as a light source to illumination. Hidden LED Floodlights will be particularly favored. Fixed end plug can be designed, according to the height of plant growth, we can facilitate adjustment.
3, logo and indication of lighting
It can be used on space-limited or guide places, such as road pavement separated display, stair stepping local lighting, emergency exit instructions lighting, you can use the appropriate surface brightness LED self-luminous buried lights or other lamps embedded in the vertical wall, such as indicator lights on the ground or guide light by the seat side in theater audience hall, as well as shopping center floor guide lights. In addition, compared to neon, because its voltage is low, there is no fragile glass, does not increase production costs because of bend, it is worth promoting the use of the logo design.
4, the interior display lighting
Take lighting quality for example, because the LED light source has no heat, ultraviolet and infrared radiation, exhibits or merchandise will not cause harm, compared to traditional light sources, lighting does not require additional filter, lighting system is simple, inexpensive, easy to install. The precise distribution light can be used as a substitute for fiber optic lighting in museum. Commercial metropolis use the colored LED lighting,white LED interior decoration is to provide auxiliary lighting, hidden light band can use LED, particularly advantageous for low space.
Image5, entertainment and stage lighting
As the LED dynamic, digital control color, brightness and dimming, lively saturated colors can create both static and dynamic lighting effects. Whole spectrum from white to any color, LED’s use of lighting opens up new ideas on such space. Long life, high lumen maintenance value (10,000 hours remained 90% lumen), and compared to PAR lamps and metal halide 50, whose life is 250 hours reduce maintenance costs and replacement of light frequencies. In addition, LED overcome the metal halide  color shift after a period of use. Compared with PAR light, it has no heat radiation, can make the space more comfortable. Currently LED color wall decorating in the restaurant construction application has become common practice.
6, the video screen
Full-color LED display is the world’s most spectacular large display device in the open , it use advanced digital video processing technology, a large area with unparalleled high brightness. Depending on the indoor and outdoor environments, using a variety of light-emitting pixels, to achieve different brightness, color, resolution, in order to meet a variety of purposes. It can dynamically display graphic animation information, use of multimedia technology, can play all kinds of multimedia files. The world’s most influential LED display, comes as the U.S. Manhattan Times Square New York Stock Exchange, using a total of 18,677,760 LED, an area of ​​10,736 square feet. Screen can be divided into multiple screens, but also showed that the Wall Street stock market at a glance presented in front of the public. Another rise in Shanghai Pudong Lujiazui Financial Center in Aurora International Headquarters, the entire facade of the building facing the Puxi bordered 100m long oversized LED screen, total area of ​​3600 square meters. Called the world’s first.
7, combined with industrial design
LED is the darling of product designers in Europe in recent years, they consider LED can be used as part of product design elements, surf in the imagination of space, light, glass or other materials together and become beautiful works of art.
With LED lighting gradually penetrated into the daily life, his charm is also growing, he has much more worthy of development and application areas, let us join hands together with Li Sida http://www.lead-lighting.com to create better tomorrow of LED lighting

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