What kind of light bulb saves more energy?

Obviously,LED light is our best answer. Now it is so popular and widely used in our daily life, we choose LED light instead of any others,what is the unique advantage compare to other lamps such fluorescent lamp. Let me explain to you
As we all know,the LED light is the third generation lighting product  superior to any others  because it is special in energy saving and environmental protection. Why?It adopts semiconductor lighting, which is ahead of the tungsten filament in incandescent and inert gases in energy-saving lamps In the case of the same current, the heat can be converted less, it greatly improve the utilization of energy, that’s why it prefers to save energy. The semiconductor does not produce unique infrared and ultraviolet light, greatly reduce light pollution, in the constant pressure driven conditions, it directly convert AC into DC, so it is different with fluorescent and LED lighting, energy saving lamps, which generated flicker by frequent changes in the frequency of the alternating current, stimulate the human eye, it can be environmentally friendly.
Now LED flood light is popular in LED lighting, it is widely used in outdoor landscape lighting, because it uses highly integrated COB as light source, ensure high lighting intensity relative to other products, its unique design lampshade octahedron and light design so that it can irradiate all directions, and the LED floodlight with high thermal conductivity aluminum alloy and high heat dissipation lamp body inside the spray material, lampshades is made ​​of high quality tempered glass, all of these features bring that LED floodlights is major in shock-resistant  and heat-resistant, waterproof and dustproof and good freshness, radiation characteristics, therefore it is widely welcomed in outdoor lighting, such as squares, parks, stadiums, airports, operating table, aerial vehicles, stage, tall buildings, etc. in vitro need to use LED Floodlights.
With the LED lighting is hot on the market, more and more enterprises have been taking participate in the LED lighting. Often a handful master the core technology, Li Sida lighting http://www.lead-lighting.com is one of a representative. Excellent quality and professional R & D and manufacturing staff  are devoting their effort to create more leading peer LED lighting

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